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Frequently Asked Questions about Skips Bins & Skip Hire

How long does it take to get a skip bin?

Generally we can often do same day deliveries in many, many areas as long as you call in the first half of the morning. On busier days like Mondays and Fridays we get booked out prior to the day so it is always best to call ahead of the day if you can.

How long can you keep a hired skip?

The standard hire period varies by location. In the Melbourne metropolitan area the predominant hire is 3-days. The most popular standard hire period is 7-days and you find this the standard in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and many regional locations. If you do a search (in the panel above and to the right) for skip bins in your suburb you can often find bins with longer (upto 14-days) and shorter periods (2 or 5-days).

What goes into a skip bin?

Skip bins can usually be used for any non hazardous materials like household goods and rubbish, renovation waste and building materials that you need to get rid of. Limitations usually only arise when the local depot can not get rid of waste items or they are too heavy for their trucks to lift.

Can I extend my skip bin hire?

Yes you can extend the hire period for your skip bins beyond the standard hire period. In the majority of case there is usually a small extra charge for extra days or weeks of bin hire. All the service descriptions include the details of the standard hire period and most have details of extra hire charges.

Do your skip bins have doors?

We have many types of bins available, including skip bins and hook-lift bins that have doors or ramps that make them easier to load, especially when you have heavier materials like bricks, concrete and soil.

Can you overload a skip?

Whatever anybody else tells you, never overload a skip bin. The road authorities across Australia do not allow trucks to travel on their roads with an unsafe load. And an overloaded skip bin is an unsafe load and the driver could lose their licence and get fined if they have an unsafe load. This subject makes most drivers very emotional as you could be putting their livelihood at risk. Please respect the driver and their advice as it is the capacity to work that is at risk.

Can I have my skip bin picked up earlier?

Yes. Request an early pick-up by calling us or using our website (when logged in with your ID and password.

Do skip bins have drainage holes?

Yes, skip bins do have drainage hole so that they do not fill up when it rains.

How can I pay?

You can call us and arrange your bin over the phone and pay by direct deposit, cash on delivery or credit/debit card. If you book online, you can pay by credit or debit card.