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Soil removal is getting harder and harder as more EPA restrictions are introduced

Sand, Dirt & Soil Removal Services - Hire a Skip Bin today

Getting rid of excess soil should be thought of as rubbish or waste removal as it is potentially a valueable resource. Disposing of sand, soil and dirt may be problematic because of the changing laws around rubbish removal and waste removal and disposal as in most cases it could be reused or recycled. In NSW in 2022 there was significant debate about the Environmental Protection Authorities changes to regulation brought about because plastic and asbestos contaminated soil was found in recreation areas. The EPA blamed soil bins, saying they were contaminated. Whether it was dirt from skip bins or elsewhere can be debated but the result is clear, it is now harder to get rid of soil and dirt in NSW.

Skip Bin Hire for Dirt, Clay and Soil Removal

Handling dirt clay, soil, cleanfill and sand differs all around Australia. The differences occur because each states environment protecction department have different laws about soil disposal or recycling. Most states today have waste levies or taxes that means that sending soil or dirt to land-fill is very expensive. To minimise the cost of dirt removal it is often necessary to get soil tested for each site or location. In some cases, projects where you want to get rid of soil and rocks from a garden it can be a very difficult. But remember soil and dirt are not usually waste for rubbish removal they are resources to be reuse, repurpose or recycling. So Don't just dump soil as there are a range of options for soil removal.

Hire skip bins to remove soil, dirt or clean-fill in Melbourne

To remove soil you will need a truck or a skip bin. We provide skip bins across Melbourne for the disposal of soil. To remove dirt you need to make sure ther will be nothing other that soil in the bin other wise it will be treated as mixed heavy waste and will be much more expensive.

The devil is in the detail and it is important to read service descriptions carefully. Some services exclude certain things because of the impact of those constituents can have on the weight of the bin contents. A good example is the impact of clay. Clay holds water like a sponge and will significantly increase the weigh of a load. If a bin is filled with wet clay it can be many times heavier than rocks, concrete or house bricks.

Organise your garden soil removal online!

It is possible to organise a soil removal skip bin here at this website. Us the get prices instantly to search for clean-fill skips bins in the suburb where youe property is located. When the 3 fields are completed click the get prices instantly to get a short list of services. Finding a shortlist of service on our website if far more efficient than than making lots of calls. Read the descriptions of the hire offering to confirm the dos and don'ts for each of the services for your project or task, as they differ from depot to depot.


After some excavation work a pile of dirt is left on-site awaiting disposal above ground levelFor removing soil there should be no grass clippings or other general rubbishWhen digging next to a building it is important to make sure there is no hard rubbish in the soilAn excellent job digging a pile of dirt, ready for soil removal (a large amount)




Frequently asked questions about soil removal

Is it OK to put soil in garden waste bins?

First there is not really a waste category called garden waste because it might make you think that it could contain anything from a garden, like garden soil. So to be clear and avoid confusion, there is no such thing as garden waste so you can not dispose of soil in such a bin because your can not hire one.

What can go in a soil skip bin?

We often get asked about what else can go in a soil or dirt skip bins and the simple answer is nothing else. A Soil skip bin is for 100% soil and nothing else. In some areas there are some small exceptions to this rule. In some areas disposal facilities will allow a small amount of green waste to be in the soil removed like the cut back grass or weeds in the topsoil. Many places will allow grass or turf on the soil as long as the grass was cut before the excavation of the soil started.

Soil skips are often referred to as cleanfill bins as they are intended for Virgin Excavate Natural Materials (VENM). When excavating VENM you would expect there to be no man made constituents or plants etc in the soil.

A hard and fast rule is that there should be no other man made waste in the bin. That would be that there should be no hard rubbish, no plants, cuttings, clippings or siilar organic stuff, no construction waste, no household materials, no concrete, no bricks, definitely no asbestos, no demolition or building materials, gardening rubbish etc.

Just as soil should not be put in green waste bins, "organic waste" should not be put in soil bins because then it would be considered contaminated and would be treated as heavy waste. The only option for heavy waste is waste removal and then you will be paying waste levies or Landfill taxes.

How is Dirt and Soil Reused?

Clean-fill, dirt, soil, sand etc is reused or sold as landscaping supplies to building and commercial construction companies. Usually the materials to be reused are sorted or tremmeled to create standardised landscaping commercial product like "topsoil". Gardeners and landscapers are always looking for good soil to use in their projects and jobs. Clean, nutriant rich soil is use for a range of projects including"

  • Creating street verges or a nature strip along new roads or cycle-ways

  • Building sporting gounds, arenas and other facilities

  • Leveling lawns, gardens and parks

  • Creating street flower beds in local suburb and community centres

  • Landscaping an access road or gardens.

Is Booking soil skip bin hire available on the website?

Yes, not only can you find a shortlist of available bins, you can also send a free quote (or two) to your self or anyone else you want to. The shortlist will include a range of bin sizes and the process is so simple and easy to access. Save time by booking online so there is one less task or job that has to be done in the office or office hours. The skip bin waste type clarification for the bin is 100% cleanfill (which is for recycling).

Which is best Soil skip bins or Soil pick-up?

The short answer is the service that is available is best because soil skip bins and pick-ups are not available everywhere. For a service to be available there has to be recycling facilities available where the truck or the skip bin operator can access to dispose of the soil that has been collected. The dirt pick up service we offer on the website includes contractors filling their truck from an excavated pile of dirt. The equipment they use is a bobcat to load the truck and the truck (and dog). When projects include more than 6 cubic meters of soil then it is more efficient to use a bobcat or similar.

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  • Updated:17/05/2023