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Finding Best range of Skip Hire in Australia

News > Finding Best range of Skip Hire in Australia

Skip hire on BSW&R's website is easy, all you have to do is either go to the Home page or Find Skip Bins page. With your cursor in the suburb field start to enter the suburb where you want the skip hire company to deliver the
skip bin.  As you type a list of possible names will appear and you can pick the one you want. 

Selecting the skip hire suburb

The 'Find a Service' screen will appear after clicking 'Next' and you are now ready to select the waste type you are looking to dispose of, the approximate size of bin you think you want and the delivery date for the skip hire to commence.  To select the waste to be disposed of, just click on the waste type from the list and it will be highlighted in blue.  The approximate size of bin is a drop down box which you click and then select the closest size.  There are more skip bin sizes than are shown in the list as we are going to show you the closest options.  In many instances selecting a large bin size will provide you better value and may even save you money.  On this screen you also need to select the date you would like the skip hire to begin from the drop down list of dates. Now you are ready to click on the "Create a Shortlist" button and the system will go and find all the skip hire options available.

Selecting the waste type when finding skip hire services

The shortlist of the skip hire options that match your needs will now appear (and should look at the screen to the right).  The shortlist consists of 3 to 5 options from skip hire companies that deliver services in your suburb. 

Each skip hire service on the shortlist includes information on the service including skip size and dimensions, detailed information on the waste that can be placed in the skip bins and any exclusions and information created from previous customers feedback and then the price for the skip hire service.

If you are in an area where we are still recruiting skip hire companies to provide services take the time to let us know and we will make you a priority and we will even call you back with an update

When you have decided which skip hire option best matches your needs you simply click on the 'Book It' button.  As a new user you will need to register with our system so we can collect your delivery requirements and arrange the payment securely.  We treat your privacy with upmost importance. Hence the need to have your personal information collected in a secure environment. The secure environment is created when you have registered and have logged in.

When you have logged into the Bins Skips Waste and Recycling website securely you will be able to pay for the skip hire and leave any delivery comments.  With the skip hire booking completed you will receive an email confirmation for your records and a phone call from the skip hire company who will provide the service.


  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Published:19/07/2010