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Cheap Mini Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne Info & Costs


Cheap Mini Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne Info & Costs
Bins Skips Waste and Recycling Melbourne
Great service
Andrew Coad
I hired a 4m skip for home. It arrived on time and they were flexible around pick up date. Thank you
Tara Sanfilippo
Very helpful listened to my instructions for deliver, and delivered as promised and have the best prices that I could find in Melbourne.
Short notice LGA permit
Damian Snell
Arranged the LGA permit for a skip with only 1 day's notice. Very pleased with the outcome.
Bins Skips
Neil Feltham
Used twice in the last few weeks. Very happy with the service on both occasions. Than you.
Neil Feltham
Delivered on time. Driver efficient and very pleasant. Well done placing skip. Picked up exactly on time and same driver excellent job. Would recommend this business.
Mark Capo

Skip Bin Hire Glen Waverley
Pleasantly surprised
David Yam
Great service prompt delivery and pick up no hassle!
Skip Hire
Elizabeth Wiskin
Promptly arranged skip for builder online.
Excellent bin and delivery
Tom Fard
Excellent, prompt service
Pamela Jonas
See below
Excellent, prompt service
Pamela Jonas
The deliverer placed the bin in our driveway. It’s a short one, but he placed the bin taking care that the large garage door could complete its ( wide) swing without interference. Brilliant. Along with prompt delivery and pick up, this was a delightful experience. I recommend Bins Skips!!

Skip Bin Hire Melbourne delivers hook bins

Your Choice of Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne

Skip Hire Melbourne is the biggest bulk waste marketplace in Victoria and we have bins for hire. We hire skip bins and walk-in bins (hook-lift) in Melbourne with sizes between 2.0m³ and 30.0m³ (thirty cubic meters) in volume meeting the requirements of both residential rubbish cleanups,  industrial fit-outs and construction projects. Choosing from our diverse selection of Melbourne skips has never been more convenient and you know your experience will be exemplary because each time we hire a skip bin in Melbourne our service is subject our customers' feedback. After we have collected it filled you're your garbage we request that you give us your thoughts on the service you received.

Our Melbourne skip hire services can be delivered to you anywhere from Werribee in the south west to Hurstville in the north east including services for the northern suburbs and eastern suburbs. Using the form you can search for the right skip hire Melbourne and book it right here on our website or you can call our friendly staff on (03) 8370 6253 who will guide you to the skip bins Melbourne that would be most suited to your needs. 

Skip Bin Hire where Hook-lift walk-in bins are a big market segment for waste management

Skip Hire Melbourne with lots of hook lift services

Hiring a skip bin Melbourne has never been easier than now, with Bins Skips' you can find the service that best fits your needs without confusing phone calls and lists of prices jotted down over the phone. Whatever size bin you need we have different services allowing delivery of various shaped bins so you get the skip that will fit the space you have or will fit the refuse items or trash you need to dispose of in the bin. Call us today to get a no obligation free quote for a bin delivered to you.

Mini Skip Bin Hire and Rubbish Removal Melbourne - The Sizes

We have multiple depots across the metropolitan area, delivering skips bins and walk-in bins for us. Most of these depots offer a broad range waste management services including skips bins and hook-lift walk-in bins.  At the small end of the range we have mini skips for hire. Mini bin hire is the smaller skip bins that range in bin size between  2.0m³ and 4.0m³ (cubic meters). Melbourne Mini skips are ideal for waste management jobs like:

  • Small bathroom renovations
  • Moving rubbish disposal of cardboard packaging, boxes, wrapping materials & general waste
  • Cleaning out sheds and garages
  • Disposing of renovation materials that the council will not remove like sand, cement, concrete, bricks, etc
  • Disposal of soil and sand from gardens being refurbished
  • Clearing children's clutter like old toys, clothes, bikes, etc
  • Rubbish removal for household items, white goods like old fridges, dryers, washing machines, and other electrical items

Range of Melbourne skip bin sizes available

  • 2.0m³ mini skip hire
  • 3.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 2.5m³ mini skip Hire
  • 4.5m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 3.0m³ mini skip with ramp
  • 6.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 3.0m³ mini skip hire
  • 9.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 3.5m³ mini skip hire
  • 12.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 4.0m³ mini skip hire
  • 14.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 4.0m³ mini skips with drop down ramp
  • 15.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 5.0m³ skip bins Melbourne
  • 16.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 6.0m³ skip bins with drop down ramp
  • 20.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins
  • 8.0m³ skip bins with drop down ramp
  • 25.0m³ walk-in hook-lift skip bins

Cheap Skip Bin Hire Costs Melbourne

When looking for the best skip bin or cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne it is important to be aware of the initiatives by State and Local government to reduce illegal tipping or "fly" tipping. Fly tipping is the practice of disposing of waste illegally in locations away from the eye of the public like National Parks, reserves, and private land off the beaten track or anywhere that is not a licence facility.  Melbourne skip bin hire costs vary from suburb to suburb and council area to council area. The factors that effect the skip bin hire Melbourne prices are:

  1. The travel to and from your site (twice for delivery and pick-up) and
  2. The charges for waste disposal at a licencsed land-fill, who also collect state waste taxes for rubbish going to landfill. 

And while on the subject of the cost of waste disposal it is worth mentioning that Melbourne has a number of recycling facilities that are used by skip bin companies to avoid the state landfill tax. These facilities recycle materials like green waste, bricks, concrete, soil and aggregates.  This means that if you are looking for cheaper waste disposal options it is worth looking for skip bin recycling options and separating your waste where it makes sense. In the west of the city being more commercial and industrial area and some great disposal options that result in lower price skip bins. We have lots of options for cheap bin hire Melbourne so get searching on our website of call (03) 8644 2933 and let one of our friendly staff help you. 

Melbourne Skip Bin Sizing for Waste Types

Sizing Skip Bins in Melbourne is the same as anywhere else in Australia. Focus on estimating the volume of waste types in cubic metres. When trying to estimate the size of bin needed try to bring your rubbish together into as few piles as possible or piles that are about a cubic metres. It is very hard to guess what volume of waste you have you a dozen or more small piles all all around the place. It is better to get the rubbish together in piles that are about a cubic metres in size (that is 1m by 1m by 1m). Then all you have to do is count the number of piles that you have and that is the number of cubic meters of waste you have, and hence the Bin Size you need. We have a number of pages that give move specific information about bin sizing for different waste types (in cubic metres) for a range of different waste type shown below:

Tips for Bin Hire in Melbourne

Our top tips for finding the best Melbourne bin hire are here:

  1. When looking for a skip bin check the price of mini skips and hook-lift bins larger and smaller than the specific size of bin you think you might need.
  2. If you have enough waste consider separating different types of waste espcially:
    1. Scrap Metal
    2. Green Waste (garden waste)
    3. Concrete
    4. Masonry (ceramic bricks and tiles)
    5.  Soil or Clean-fill
  3. Avoid contaminating heavy wastes with general light (household waste) rubbish wherever possible
  4. Plan ahead to find your best rubbish removal service & waste options
  5. If you can not find rubbish skips Melbourne call us on (03) 8644 2933 and let one of our friendly staff help you.