The benefit of Brick and Concrete Disposal skip bins for recycling?

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Mixed Waste with Bricks and Concrete

What is Brick and Concrete Recycling all about?

Brick and Concrete Recycling Skip Bins are about saving you money and also helping save the environment. When you mix bricks and concrete with other general waste it becomes mixed heavy waste the most expensive type of waste to get rid of. So if as in the photo above you have bricks and concrete mixed in with timber, cardboard and other light waste you are going to pay a premium to get rid of it that way. Sorting the waste, so that the bricks and concrete can be disposed of either separately or together the the key to saving money on your rubbish removal. Usually when you have removed the bricks and concrete from you mixed heavy waste you will be left with General Light Waste that is cheaper to dispose of.

Helping the Environment by Recycling Bricks and Concrete

The production of both bricks and concrete take a lot of energy. Mixing the bins and concrete with general light waste and burying it all together is the most wastefull way to dispose of them. Burying the bricks and concrete with the general light waste waste uses up scarce landfill unnescessarily because the brick and concrete are inert materials that don't need to be buried in specially lined landffills that have been built to keep liquids out of the ground water.

Sending the Bricks and Concrete to be recycled means that the energy used to produce than will be used to create something useful.  Usually the bricks and concrete are crushed to create new building materials that can go into roading building of similar infrastructure projects. Using the recycled materials will mean that there will be less need for mining more aggregates (rock and stone), thus saving another aspect of the environment.

Saving Money By Recycling Bricks and Concrete

It might seem like a lot of effort to sort the bricks and the concete, but rest assure it will be worthwhile. Today in 2020 the cost of disposing of general waste is $300 to $400 per tonne that includes nearly $150 per tonne for the NSW Waste Leavy (in NSW). Disposal costs in other states are less but they are growing and will tend towards what has happened in NSW because of the thirst of State Governments thirst for new streams of revenue. By comparison the Cost of dsposing of bricks or concrete is usually somewhere between $50 and $100 per tonne as there is no Waste Levy payable on them because of the recycling. In many loacations the price of a Brick and Concrete Skip Bin is less than the cost of disposing a tonne of general waste. By weight Bricks and concrete weigh about ten times as much as normal general light waste so when you dispose of them as generally waste you are paying a large amount of money as a lazy tax for not recycling them.

Alternatives to Brick and Concrete Recycling

In some areas the recycling facilties are limited so it is not always possible to find skips bins for Brick and Concrete Recycling. In some areas this is because the recycling facilities will only process the materials as eithe 100% Concrete or 100% Masonry only. Where this occurs the recycling of these indivdual materials can be even more cost effective than recycling the co-mingled wastes. The bottom line to this is that if you cannot find a skip bin for Brick and Concrete when searching try searching for the following waste types as alternatives

  1. 100% Masonry (Bricks and Tiles) Skip Bins
  2. 100% Concrete Skip Bins
  3. Hardfill Skip Bins


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:24/08/2023