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Danger Asbestos Will Robinson

Instant Asbestos Skip Hire Bookings

Here at Bins Skips Wasate and Recycling it is possible to hire bins for the removal and disposal of asbestos materials. Asbestos bins can be found easily by doing an instant search for skip bin prices using the panel to the top right of this page. Just enter the suburb name where you need the bin to remove asbestos or asbestos containing materials. Then select asbestos and the waste type, select the size of asbestos skip bin that you think you will need. Click on get prices instantly and you will be returned a short-list of skip bin hire asbestos removal services in you area.

Estimating bin sizes for asbestos disposal?

Normally when calculating skip bin sizes it is a case of calculating the volume of the solid waste material and then multiplying it by a factor to allow for the space between the peices of waste. To dispose of asbestos waste it is often better to think about what size bin is needed to minimise the need to break up the asbestos waste. Breaking up asbestos has the potential to create more air-bourne asbestos fibres and dust and so it is better to get larger bin sizes than the volume of the asbestos material. Often the asbestos waste bin is chosen because sheets of asbestos can be placed in them whole (to avoid breaking the asbestos futher)

The Dangers of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is considered a hazardous waste it can cause health issues if not handled with respect and care. Removing asbestos in Skip Bins is not dangerous of itself. The danger arises from disturbing the asbestos and causing asbestos dust or fibres to become airbourne that could be inhaled. Asbestos fibres are release from asbestos materials when they are broken or poorly handled (thrown about roughly, snapped, or ripped of wall frames).

Inhaling the fibres can lead to the a number of asbestos related health risks such as:

  • Asbestosis

  • Lung Cancer

  • Mesothelioma

Dispose of this hazardous waste type safely and follow the instructions given for your locaation (as they do vary between states and even loval government areas.

Keeping Safe when filling Asbestos Skip Bins

Be prepared when handling asbestos waste. Make sure you have all the equipment you need for the task before you start the work. Think about how you can minimise the risk of creating airbourne asbestos fibres and dust. Highly trained asbestos removalists take some basic steps before start the asbestos removal just to supress asbestos dust and fibres such as damping down the asbestos materials with water. Another technique is to spray the asbestos material with a glue based solution. The solution doesn't need speacial chemicals it can be as simple as a mixture of PVA glue (as used in schools for craft projects) and water.

When disposed of safely there should be little risk of inhaling fibres or dust or other people being exposed to them either. This is why the material placed in the bin needs to be wrapped and sealed with duct tape to stop fibres and dust being blown out during transport to the waste facility. Before bin collection make sure your plastic wrapping is properly sealed and airtight

Preparation for Hiring an Asbestos Waste Bin

Think about your safety first before you start the job. What tools, materials and safety equipment do you need:

  • What will you use to dampen the asbestos, and how will you apply it, a hose, a plastic spray container? Buy it beforehand

  • clear or black plastic for wrapping the waste material or for the bin to be double lined. If you are in doubt about wrapping or lining a bin phone us and ask, and ask the driver when the bin is delivered

  • Duct tape for sealing the material in the bin. It needs to be airtight so fibres cannot be blown out.

  • Consider what you are going to wear when carrying on the work. Think about using disposalable overalls, face masks, gloves. and think about their disposal in plastice bags when you are finished (the last thing to be placed into the bin).

Skip Bin Hire Australia-wide

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling provide skip bins Australia wide. If you are unable to find the asbestos skip bin you think you need contact us and we will attempt to source you the right skip bin for your job.

Frequently Asked Questoions about Asbestos bins

Is it OK to put other waste and rubbish in an asbestos skip bin?

If the other waste is contaminated with asbestos dust or fibres then it should be placed in the skip bin to keep people safe who could handle it in the normal waste disposal supply chain.

Other waste and rubbish that is not asbestos comtaminated should not be placed in the skip bins because essentially all you are doing is making your problem bigger. Additionally, the asbestos waste has to be buried in a special location at the landfill and the land-fill operators don't want this area wasted on material that does not contain asbestos.

Should I hire a Asbestos bin with or without a weight limit?

When you hire an asbestos bin without a weight limit you are asking the supplier of the bin to guess how much asbestos material you are going to place in their bin. Their guess is always going to be conservative and you are likely to be paying for more asbestos disposal that you probably need to. Often it is better to hire a bin with a weight limit and then pay the additional cost if you exceed the weight limit. Then you are only paying for what you use.

  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:06/06/2023