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Melton is a fast growing residential suburb north west of Melbourne. Melton has plenty of options for Skip Hire with skip operators located both within the Local Government Area (LGA) of Melton and also around Melton in adjacent LGA's. As with many similar situations where skip bins are delivered to a suburb from both local and remote depots some tie the hardest thing can be to find a local skip bin business.  Different to elsewhere Melton's local skip bin providers primarily focus on General light waste as there or not very many local disposal and recycling depots for heavy waste like bricks and concrete, soil or dirt (known as clean fill).

Melton does not have a landfill tip (where waste is buried) within the local government area. It processes most of the waste collected by the council services via their MRF (often referred to as a murf) which is a Materials Recycling Facility.  The MRF will accept rubbish from residents upon productions of entitlement vouchers or a rates notice. Without valid proof of entitlement the MRF charges for the rubbish to be disposed of. Alternatively to dropping waste off at the MRF the council also offers a hard qwaste collection service for up to 3 cubic meters of waste a couple of times a years. The MRF is open 7-days a week from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm sharp.  The best thing about the Hard Waste Collection is that the council will accept mattresses for free (whereas they normally charge $30 when taken to the transfer station.

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling delivers a wide range of skip bins to the Melton area from 2.0m³ to 16.0m³ for a broad range of waste types. If you need help to work out what size bin you need or what type of waste you have give one of our friendly staff a call.

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