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Hook-lift Bin on Truck

What are Hook Lift Bins?

Hook-lift bins are named because they are lifted on and off the back of the truck using an arm with a "hook lift" on the end of it. The Hook lift These big bins are also known as RORO bins (because they Roll On and are Roll Off the back of the truck over rollers).

Is a Hook Bin the same as a skip bin?

Skip bins are a different shape bin to compared to a hook bin. The skip is a bin that is usually trapezoidal in shape, that is with ends of the skip bin that are sloping (and not vertical). The hook lift bin is square in shape generally with vertical sides and ends. The makes the hook lift bin more like a an open topped container which as be easily stacked with cartoons, boxes, pallets and other square items.

Where, when and what are hook lift bins used for?

Hook bins are used throughout the waste management industry for many different activities. A hook lift bin is ideal for use at a transfer station where rubbish is transferred from smaller bins to larger ones for transport to recycling or landfill locations. A Hook lift bin can be up to 30 cubic meters in volume so couuld take the waste from 20 or more small skip bins.

A hook lift bin can also be used when there is a lot of waste from a large commercial, industrial or residential site. Shop fitters prefer a hook lift bin when fitting or de-fitting stores as the timber, gyprock, steel and shelving  (not construction heavy waste) of often quite long and fits in this style of bin very easily.  Likewise in a commercial situation when a warehouse is being cleaned up and boxes are going in the bin they are easy to stack in the squarer bin.

Is a Hook lift bin cost effective?

As Hook lift truck can usually only carry a single hook bin at the time delivering lift bins they are not a cost effective as types of bins or skips. But cost of delivery is not the only factor to affect the service price of a bulk lift bins. The type of material will affect the price of the bin more. Heavy construction material or waste would cost far more than recycling or manufacturing rubbish. As Waste management goes lift bins are good because of their easy delivery, flat floors, easy access doors and choice of bin widths.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:12/05/2021