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Don't Assume Fibrous Board isn't Asbestos. You could be Dicing with Death

News > Don't Assume Fibrous Board isn't Asbestos. You could be Dicing with Death

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Every week we get asbestos situations that highlight and make you wonder what needs to happen to make people more Asbestos Aware.  Yes all too often we get situations where someone has put some fibrous board material in a skip bin thinking that is was safe and nothing to worry about.  The only problem is that is diametrically opposite to how such materials are treated by landfills and tips around the country. The prevailing thinking in the waste industry is that if it looks like asbestos then assume that it is, until proven otherwise by experts who are prepared to sign their name to it.

I have to say all too often I get told by a householder that their builder told them that the fibrous material wasn't Asbestos. And even though this just seems to fliy in the face of common sense it keeps happening. "Oh our builder is a Master Builder and he says it isn't Asbestos" is the line I hear them say.  So has you Master Builder given you a Certificate that you can provide to the tip to proven that the material isn't asbestos? "No". So you have to assume that it is asbestos until you have such a certificate.  And treat it as asbestous to make sure you keep your family and loved ones safe.  Just take 30 seconds and watch this video as it could just save a life of someone you love.





If you don't know what it is and you don't have a certificate that says it doesn't contain asbestos then treat it as if it is asbestos. Don't play renovation roulette. Be aware that asbestos comes in many different forms, and none of them if safe. They all present a clear and present risk when fibres could come loose and may then be breathed in.


  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:18/01/2019