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Big Bins Brisbane for Large Waste Disposal Projects (Shopfitting, Warehouse Clearances and More)

News > Big Bins Brisbane for Large Waste Disposal Projects (Shopfitting, Warehouse Clearances and More)

Big Bins Brisbane

What is Big Bin Hire in Brisbane?

Big Bin Hire is a generic term that is a catch all phrase for waste disposal services that will involve a big bin of some type. Big Bins are needed and used for a broad range of projects that might include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Shopfitting for stores in Shopping Centres (or anywhere else)
  • Commercial and industrial projects like:
  • Commercial waste removal from warehouses, factories
  • Industrial cleaning of service sites like refineries, parks, seaside foreshores
  • Rubbish removal for deceased estate

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling are specialist in large skip bin hire for all sorts of waste types throughout Brisbane. We have over 10-years experience organising waste removal for shopping centres, industrial situations and construction sites. So whether your projects need to get rid of concrete, soil, green waste, general waste or disposal of any other sort of residential or commercial rubbish then we are here to help you.  Our friendly team of staff just love to help customers find the right waste disposal solution whether it is for a residential, industrial, commercial or construction project. 

What Bin Sizes are considered Big Bins Brisbane?

Big Bins Brisbane are either large skip bins or hook bins that are larger than 10 cubic meter in volume that are used for rubbish removal. Big Bins Brisbane range in bin size from 10 cubic meters to 40 cubic meters. There is a wide range of bin sizes and these would include:

  • 10.0m³ skip bin or hook bin
  • 12.0m3 skip bin or hook bin
  • 15.0m3 skip bin or hook bin
  • 18.0m3 skip bin or hook bin
  • 20.0m3 skip bin or hook bin
  • 25.0m3 skip bin or hook bin
  • 30.0m3 skip bin or hook bin

This is not an exhaustive list of available skip bin sizes . Skip hire is easy once you understand what volume of rubbish removal you are looking at.

Frequently Asked Questions about hire of Big Bins Brisbane

How much is it to hire a big skip bin in Brisbane?

The price of Skip Bin hire in Brisbane is much better than in most other metropolitan Cities. We have 10 cubic meter skip bin prices from $830 for a recycling skip bin for General Light Waste. Skip Bin Hire in Brisbane varies in price a lot depending on waste types. The price of bin hire in Brisbane is determined by a number of factors, some that are obvious and other a little less so.  The waste type determines the cost of waste disposal (to get rid of) the unwanted materials.

What is the difference better a skip bin and a hook bin?

For the user of the skip bin hire of big bins, the most import aspect of the skips bins is the shape of the bin and the usability of that space. Hook bins or hook-lift bins are usually square or rectangle in shape. Bin delivery of the hook bin is made using a truck with a hook-lift mechanism. This is a single arm located behind the cabin of the waste truck.

Big Bins Skip Bins Hire of Hook BinMarrell Skip Truck with Big Bin

What sort of waste can be put in a big skip bins Brisbane?

Big bins have some limitations on the range of waste they can be used for. For example it is not practical to load a big skip bin or hook bin with heavy wastes like brick, concrete and soil for rubbish removal. These materials weigh in the region of 1.5 tonne or more per cubic meter. This means that if skips bins are loaded with heavy waste then it will be difficult or impossible to lift the skip hire bin back on to the truck if the total weight of the bin and rubbish is over 12 tonnes.. So the weight of the contents of the Brisbane skip is a determining factor of what size skip bins will be available. Usually

What size of big bin or skip bin is needed usually?

Big Bins are usually used for light wastes like, households items, general light commercial and industrial waste, light construction wastes from shopfitting or office fit-outs (like timber gyprock (plasterboard) steel fittings and fixtures etc). So the size of big bin needed will be dependent on the size of the project. Emptying a deceased estate may well use one or more 10 to 20 cubic meter bin. De-fitting a shop might take a simpler amount 10 or 15 cubic meter of waste. Shopfitting a large store or supermarket could take multiple 20m bins. Skip Bin hire of big bins and hook bins will require some planning and estimation and we are always available to help. So if you are looking at hiring a skip bin for a big project call us on 07 3503 6769.

Permits for Skip Bin Hire Brisbane

Brisbane City Council requires that Skip Bin hire operators in Brisbane get their approval to place their equipment (like big bins, skip bins or hook bins)  on council property. Skip Bin Hire Brisbane is made much easier by the councils approach as they don't specifically demand that users of skip bins or big bin organise skip bin permits as such.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:01/07/2021