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3 Seater Sofa Disposal

What size Skip Bin do I need for this Sofa, Couch or Lounge?

Whether you call it a sofa, a couch or a lounge it is all the same thing. A peice of furniture to sit on and relax. Oh and when it gets old and worn out then at some point it becomes rubbish or waste that neds to be disposed of carefully. Sofa disposal  can be done in many different ways.  You might be luckey and live in a coucil area where there are free hard waste collections that will take away you old couch away free of charge. That is of course if the couch or lounge is small enough to go in the hard waste collection. So even when if you think you don't need to know the size of your sofa, ohh yes you do.  And Best of all there are as many sizes of sofa as there are sofa. 

Worn Lounge for DisposalA Guide to the Size of Sofas

The simplest rule to guestimate the size of a lounge is 1 cubic meter per seat. Now wouldn't it be great if it were really that simple? Trouble is that it needs to be said you also need to be careful about other issues like the dimensions of the sofa too.  Depending on the design of the couch each seat might equate to 0.7 to 0.8 m. So for a 3-seater couch you might expect the couch to be 2.1 to 2.4 m wide or there abouts. Similarly, a 4-seater settee is likely to be about 3.2m wide. 


Sofa Dimensions


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:24/11/2020