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Lots of Rubbish at hoarders Home

We often get calls for big bins from people who have a lot of rubbish to get rid of. And when I say a lot of rubbish I mean a lot. Say like 10, 20 or 30 cubic meters of rubbish. In some case even more. Now to get this in perspective think of a room, say a lounge room. 5m by 4m and 2m high. In all, that is 40 cubic meters. So if you have a hoarders house you could end up using a few large bins.  And don't think it never happens.

Yeh, here is a place where the rubbish has filled the house and over flowed out of the house and in to the garden. When you have a property like this it becomes a health hazard and sometimes even a community problem. Left long enough the place is likely  to become home to many creatures.  And some not so nice creatures above and beyond the hoarders, you might become infested with mice, rats, snakes and other creepy crawlies.

To get rid of this quantity of waste is going to need one of those large big bins. You are probably going to want to be able to walk into the bin as that is easier than throwing rubbish over the side of the bin and getting covered in dust and other unpleasant material.  

Big Bins start at about 10 Cubic meters
The bins above is a Hook-lift bin. The hook is at the right hand end of the bin here.  The truck that delivers and picks these bins up has a large hook that pushes the bin off the back of the truck and pulls it back on when it is full.  These big bins need quite a large amount of space for them to be delivered as the bins need to be slid of the truck directly behind it.  This needs room for the bin (upto 6m in length) and the truck (about 7 or 8m) and the space between them (2 or 3m).  In all that is about 16 meters in length need to off load the bin.

The other type of bins are Marrell bins that are delivered off the back of a Marrell Truck which has two arms either side at the back of the truck.  The Marrell bins come in more varied shapes depending on whether they have doors or ramps.

10m Marrell Skip Bin 
The Marrell skip bins are less popular for large jobs as they are not square and have different types of access with and without doors or ramps.  The bin to the left here has a cut away end with a drop down ramp.  With the Marrell skip bins the doors/ramps are often narrower and not the full width of the bin. The doors are usually about 750 mm wide which is fine for a wheelbarrow, but maybe narrow for some types of furniture.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:26/08/2020