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On a regular basis I get asked if we have any trucks that can deliver the skip bins over the side of the truck.  And depending on where the person is I can sometimes given them the good news that we do have some trucks that deliver bins over the side of the truck (as opposed to deliverimng them off the back of the truck).  Above is a photo of one such truck (, and a new one at that ).

Usually, the request for the side loading skip bin truck comes from someone who lives somewhere where they don't have a drive or good access to their property. In a few cases, the need is to be able to unload the bin in a busy area where it is not possible to save enough space to allow a bin to be unloaded from the back of the truck.  These situations occur where there are narrow and busy roads and streets.

Hold on one moment. We are under selling this truck by just focusing on one use of it. This truck provides far more flexibility than just that. From the photo you may (or may not) have seen the lifting facility on the truck). The skip bins are lifted on and off the truck using the Hi-ab crane that is situated toward the back of the truck.  A Hi-ab is a Hydraulic Crane that gets it name from the original manufacturer of this type of crane Hydrauliska Industri AB.  The Hi-ab crane is situated between the 3rd and 4th stack of bins behind the cab, almost at the back of the truck.  This allows bins to be lift off the back of the truck as well as the sides.

As the Hi-ab crane is locate about 1.5 meters from the ground this mean that it can be used to lift the bins over walls and fences and in so doing, it can reach places that norml Marrell skip bin trucks can not deliver to. Nromal marrell truck can put their bin over fences up to 1m high if the truck can back up to it.  The Hi-ab enables thes bins to be placed over walss and fences over 2 meters high.

Th Hi-AB truck is fitted with 3 or 4 cradles that the bins can be placed in for safe transport. As here, usually the truck starts out its run with stacks of 3 or 4 bins in each cradle enabling it to carry up to 16 bins.  The bins are usually 2 and 3 cubic meters so that they are not too heavy when load.  The Hi-AB cranes can lift 3 or 4 tonnes, but as the load moves further from the truck the lifting capacity is reduced.

Normally the operaters of thise Hi-AB skip bin trucks are happy to lift 2 meter skip bins with heavy waste (lift soil, bricks and concrete) in them. The 3 meter bins risk being too heavy to lift, especially if they are a few meters away from the truck.

If you have a difficult location that you need a skip bin in, the ngive us a call and let one of our friendly staff help you out.




  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:29/08/2018