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EPA Victoria warns householders "It is your Responsibility to know"

News > EPA Victoria warns householders "It is your Responsibility to know"

At Bins Skips Waste and Redycling we respond to 1,000's of requests for rubbish removal and skip bins each week. And many times a day we come across requests that are in conflict with the latest request from the Environmental Protection Authority in Victoria. The EPA is telling Victorians "If you’re hiring a skip bin to get rid of household or renovation waste, it’s your responsibility to know where your waste is going".

Over the last couple of years there have been over 350 illegal dumping related inspections that have resulted in 170 or more legal notices being issued. These notices require that a clean-up of the area is carried out and often carry with a fine of nearly $8,000. Illegal dumping particularly effects Melbourne’s growth areas of the city including the Cities of Brimbank, Hume and Whittlesea.

The Internet provides some great in formation and services but it also brings out the worst in some people, or maybe they just don't realise what they are suggesting.

Kumar of Carnegie was seeking someone to remove his 43 inch rear projection TV with stand for $65. IS that OK? Well, now the nearest tip charges $60.50 for a Small Van or Ute to dispose of rubbish that suggests Kumar expected someone to collect and take the TV to the tip for $4.50. I don't think that is very realistic. What is more realistic is that Rob "reckless" Rubbish-Remover at best collects the rubbish and delivers it to a nearby street, park or creek. Then the local coal funded by everyone in the Council area then funds for the rubbish to be collected properly and disposed of properly.  This ends up costing the community $1,000s instead of Kumar paying $225 which is the cost of a small skip bin.

Kumar could have found out what the cost of waste removal is by visiting an on-line skip bin booking services like Bins Skips Waste and Recycling and entering 3 pieces of information (suburb, quantity of waste & waste type) to get multiple quotes so he would know what the market was charging for rubbish removal, skip bins or waste disposal.

But the real irony in this situation is that Kumar could have availed himself of the local council’s hard waste collection service which offers free Hard Waste Pick-up that can be ordered online over the Internet.

So now as there are too many Kumar's the EPA Victoria are warning householders that it is their responsibility to know where their waste is going, and that it is being disposed of properly.

And remember don't be a tight ass be prepared to pay someone properly for the service you want. The NBN Call out fee is $140 so how can offering $65 for someone to come to your home and provide a service is just ridiculous.


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:01/02/2023