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Skips Bins for Cleaning Up after Storm Damage

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Once the storm is over, then the work begins.  If the area you live in has been severely damaged by the storms then you might be lucky enough to find that your local council helps out by offering rubbish removal services for getting rid of flood damaged furniture and house hold items. This usually happens is the most severely effected areas for for a period of time while those effected get back on their feet.

Storm Damaged Trees Chopped Up and Ready for Skip Bin Removal

But is is not always possible or convenient to wait for shared services, and some times home and contents insurance will allow you to get a skip bin or other rubbish removal services to help. Storm damage can be different for everyone with different needs arising out of the storm. For some it might just be that they have damage to trees and foliage around the house.  

Remember if you have trees (like in the picture above) then these are not always treated as green waste. When there are tree trunks and branches greater than 150 mm in diameter the wood is treated as heavy waste. This is because the would contains a lot of water or moisture that makes it heavy.  The logs are like containers of water. Water weighs in at 1 tonne per cubic meter of water which is way, way heavier than green waste or general light waste (that usually weighs between 150 and 200 kg per cubic meter).


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:14/12/2018