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Spa disposal made easy using a skip bin

News > Spa disposal made easy using a skip bin

Spa Removal and Disposal

The disposal of an old spa can be challenging on a number of levels. Here we have a large, unwieldly item that is difficult to manouver that you no longer want or need, but what is the best way to dispose of the old unwanted spa? Very good question and the answer is very much dependant on what your definition of best is. Best can meaning many things to people. Infact it is rumoured that if you asked 100 people what best meant to them you would get at least 110 different answers. Maybe more depending on best what was about. For some it might mean cheapest. for others it could mean easiest the list goes on and on. For us best means getting rid of the spa for a reasonable price balanced with the amount of effort required.

If you you just want to click your fingers and the spa is gone then expect for it to be more expensive because you will be paying for some one else to do the work.

Our suggestions is to put a reasonable amount effort into the project to reduce the expense required to dispose of the spa.  The first step to making it easier to dispose of the spa is to convert it from a large unweildly item into smaller managable peices. This can be easily be acheived by segmenting your spa into smaller more managable bits just like an orange. This can be done with minimal effort with the help of an electic saw or angle grinder. All you need to do is remove the covers and then cut the spa bath shell into peices (quarters, sixths or eigths). Remove the cladding (wood or other material that is around the sides of the spa. Cut the pipes or plumbing underneath the spa so you can stack the peices, and so that you are not paying for the removal of air. Cut the base and in internal structure into small peices so thay can be stacked too.

At this point you are ready to dispose of the disected spa. All you will need is a 2 or 3 cubic meter skip bin to place the peices of spa into. The materials you have got are all considered light general waste which means you can get a low cost bin from a reliable supplier toget the spa removed and disposed of.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:07/04/2021