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Big Bins and Skip Bins for Rubbish Removal, Whats is on offer?

News > Big Bins and Skip Bins for Rubbish Removal, Whats is on offer?

There are many different shapes and sizes of skip bins and other types of bins used to provide bulk waste services. In this article we try to give you a better idea of the range of bins available so you will know what to expect when your bin arrives. The best place to start is with the small bins as there are more of these delivered than any other sort.

2.0m³ Mini Skip BinThe Basic Marrell Skip Bin (Mini-Skip)

The most basic of skip bins (sometimes call a mini-skip) is the 2.0m³ skip bin that has sloping ends to the bin and it is slightly longer than it is wide.  Very, very few of bins of this size have doors or ramps. The bins are usually about 0.9 m high.  The picture to the right is of a Marrell skip bin, so known because the lifting equipment used to load and unload is know as Marrell lifting equipment. The tucks have 2 arms on the rear of the truck that rotate backwards to lift the bin up off the trucks deck and to place it behind the truck on the ground. 

Basic Marrell Skip Bin with a Ramp/Door

Marrell Skip Bin with a Ramp/DoorAs Marrell Bins grow in size, the height of the bin increase and so we see some of them gaining doors or ramps at one end of the bin to make them easier to load (especially if required for heavy waste). The doors double as a drop down ramp in most case (but not all, because some have barn doors as described below).  The Door/Ramp is hinged at the bottom of the bin at one end of it. When the door is open and dropped down it can be used as a ramp up which is is easy to push a wheelbarrow. The door weakens the structure of the bin and as a result shorten the working life of the bin, justifying a hire cost for the bin.

Cutaway Skip BinBasic Marrell Skip Bin with Cutaway(s)

The other solution to the increasing height of bins is a cutaway end to the bin that provides easier access to load the bin from one end of it. The custmer puts the rubbish in to the bin over the lowered end of the bin. In the first instance the customer might jump inside the bin so they can stack the rubbish into the far end of the bin.  These bins are structurally stronger than Marrell bins with doors and are popular with bin companies as they last longer.


Marrell Skip Bin with Barn DoorBasic Marrell Skip Bin with a Barn Door

Barn doors refer to vertically mounted doors that open outwards like any normal door. As there is often only a single large door on the end of the bin they get referred to as barn doors (as they as big and swing open and closed easily. The bin looks like a Marrell skip bin with the end of the bin cut off to form a vertical plane into which the door is located. The doors can either be the width of the bin or just wide enough for wheel-barrow access. The bin with doors similar to the previous bins are weakened by the insertion of the door into the bin structure making them more expensive to aquired and maintain. As a consequence don't be surprised if they are more expensive than plan skip bins.

Hook-Lift BinsHook-Lift Bin

Hook-lift bins offer a great complementary alternative to Marrell skip bins. Generally only a single bin is carried on a hook-lift truck at any time (where as Marrell trucks can carry up to half a dozen skip bins at a time). Only transporting a single hook-lift bin at a time makes transport cost higher (generally). Hook-lift bins vary far more in sizes too. We have hook-lift bins from 3m³ to 30m³ in size available on this website (but they are not available everywhere). Hook-lift bins are preferred by many groups of customers including shop-fitters and warehouse owners as they are easier to load.

Dyno Bin

Dyno bins are similar to hook-lift bins but they differ in how they are loaded and unloaded onto the truck that transports them. Instead of the hook at the top of the a-frame the Dyno bins have a catch at the bottom of the front of the bin (at the foot of the bin).


Roll-On Roll-Off Bins is a generic term that covers Hook-lft bins, Dyno Bin and Chain Lift Bins.

Trailer Skip BinsMobile Skips

Mobile Skip bins are really bins that are on wheels The Bins are far more like a front lift bin rather than a open skip bin as most people envisage a skip bin.  The mobile skip does have a role to play in the bulk disposal market but many of the operators of mobile skips seem to do themselves by masquerading a proper open top skip bins. Really these bins have some unique featres that would make them attractive to waste customers who have limited access space (think about under buildings with lower access heights).  Also as the trailers have to be licence like any other trailer they can be parked on roads, but with the limitation that they have to adhere to parking restrictions. Whereas in some locations skip bins can be placed on road with parking restrictions as long as a bin permit has been obtained. 

Skip BagSkip Bags

Not too sure about the success of Skip bags. Let us know what you think?



  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:20/12/2018