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Don't "Skip" on Preparation for the Perfect Christmas Holiday Season

News > Don't "Skip" on Preparation for the Perfect Christmas Holiday Season

Santas Skip Bin Sleigh over Sydney"Tis the Season to be Jolly" Ah so easy to say. But for hundreds of thousands of people that is a fine thing to say, when you are not the person who is responsible for being prepared for the perfect Christmas. 

 Yes we are getting into the season of perfect Christmas every where we look. Every television advert, every television program, in the shops and every where you go every one will be trying to tell you about how to have the best Christmas celebrations ever, from their perspective.  Cooking shows are telling you all about the festive foods you should be cooking if you want to keep up with the Jones', Cooks, Nguyens and Lu's next door.

All the renovation shows have finished.  It now only remains for the weekend warriors to finish their renos. In time for relos to come over and admire them on one of the days of Christmas.  And you don't want to be leave the cleaning up until too close to Christmas. Or it may end up with some one be naughty and not so nice. And Santa knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you are awake. So just be bloody careful cause he might be the one that cause the break out of Christmas fever.

And the ting to remember is that it is not just the weekend warriors who will be set on getting clean and tidy for the festive season. The closer we get to Christmas, the more that it will seem like everyone in the world as if it is time to get clean up and sorted out. Because who can be happy at Christmas if there is any jumble or mess about. You certainly don't want the snooty relos knowing that your family is afflicted with Rubbish.  And then there is the rubbish of the worst kind. The broken toys, the out-of-date cloths, or maybe it is just the stuff that some thought they could repair when they had time.

No sitting in the front room on Boxing Day with Aunt Maud rolling her eyes and not knowing where to look because there is some remnant of a less formal celebration of the Queens Birthday or the Melbourne Cup.  It has to go along with broken and chipped tiles in the bathroom. And don't forget all the old pool toys from last year that have lost their bright colours and will never recover their former glory, however much puff is blown back into the.  And don't forget the stuff in the garden or under the house. You know the wife fears it is a fire hazard and what would families volunteer fire fighter say if he found out that not only you didn't have a bush fire plan, but worst than that you have additional fuel under the house and all around the garden.

So remember your better watch and you better take care. Don't leave it late or there might not be any there.  Because it it is the night  or day before Christmas it is going to be too late to get it picked you. And then you will certainly risk it. Not only could you be found with rubbish, but you could be found with it on the drive. Imagine screeching noise like from psycho. Because if you are the one caught with rubbish other Christmas then you might wish you or someone else were dead.

Anyway where will Santa park the slay if the skip bin is still in the drive. So remember to book the Christmas skip bin early. Make sure your make it clear when you book it in, when you want the bin picked up (if that is important). Don't assume anything because that will just make an "ass" out of "u" & "me".


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:26/11/2017