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Green Waste Disposal as easy as a walk in the park

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling offers Green waste removal services using small, medium and large skip bins and hook-bins for larger bulk volumes of green organic materials.

Green waste disposal is available in many regions of Australia as a way to provide a more effective way to dispose of organic waste materials from the garden. Green waste disposal gets given many different descriptions such as garden waste removal or green rubbish removal.

The availability of green waste disposal services is often closely tied to the existance of recycling facitilities for the green waste (or organic biodegradable waste).

Many councils around Australia offer there residents a green waste service provided as part of their waste services covered by their annual rates. There green waste services are usually provided using small wheelie bins (240 or 320 litre bins).

What exactly is Green Waste?

Green waste is a broad category of wastes that simply put is green plant material that needs to be removed and disposed of from a garden or similar (hence the garden waste term). Green can include the following:

  • Grass Clippings

  • Flower cuttings hedge trimmings

  • Cuttings or trimmings from trees

  • Weeds (unless specifically excluded)

  • Plants and bushes (whole or trimmings)

  • Tree branches

  • Decomposing green waste or rotting organic matter (other than food waste)

tree branches, hedge trimmings and garden plantsfonds from palm trees are usually considered green waste even when in the backyardOur experienced team will tell you that plant material that looks like this is green wasteGreen waste in the front yard ready to be loaded into a skip


Benefits of Green Waste Disposal

Firstly it is environmentally friendly to recycle green waste rather than just sending it to land fill to be buried. Burying green waste at the landfill creates greenhouse gases (which is environmentally unfriendly). As such it is highly recommended that you look to use a green waste skip bin where you have enough green waste to fill one.

What happens to Green Waste when recycled?

Green waste that is collected for recycling is usually either composted or mulched so it can be used for landscaping, parks, home gardens and improving soil quality on farms.

What isn't Green Waste?

Green waste should not be confused with other general waste that just happens to be hanging about in a garden. For example outdoor garden furniture might be seen as "Garden waste" but it is definantly not green waste (by any stretch of the imagination). Similarly, soil or dirt my be very abundant in your garden, but is not considered green waste. Here are a few more items that are not considered green waste:

  • Any sort of old furniture, chairs or tables

  • Hard rubbish

  • Tree stumps

  • Tree trunks greater than 300 mm in diameter

  • Paln tree trunks

  • General front yard rubbish

  • Graden Nomes

Old garden furniture is not green wasteIn my professional opinion, this might be in the garden but it ain't green wasteYep, its in the yard, but it ain't green waste removal serviceIt might be covered in green weeds and grasses but it is soil underneath


To Sum Up Green Waste Disposal

Recycling green waste is good for the environment and it is the best way to get rid of it. So when you are planning your next big gardening job think about getting a green waste skip for all those plants, branches, grass clippings, weeds and plant organics.

Ask our professional friendly team about our green waste skips

How to get a price on a Green Waste Skip Bin?

Complete the panel to the top right of this article. Enter the delivery suburb name, then select Green Waste and the size of bin needed. Click get prices and you should get a short list of the options available to you. If there are no green bins in your suburb complete the contact request and we will find you the best option.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:01/02/2023