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Hiring a Skip Bin for Rubbish Removal and Recycling

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Skip Hire Basics

All you need to know to hire a skip bin

Hiring a skip bin should be easy and stress free.  Here is a guide to help you acheive a stress skip bin booking. The four peices of information you need are:

  1. When do I want the skip bin delivery?

  2. What sort of waste am I planning to put in the skip bin?

  3. How much rubbish am I looking to get rid of?

  4. What is the delivery suburb for the skip bin?

Planning ahead for Rubbish Removal using a skip bin

Arranging your skip bin hire at the last minute is going to increase your stress. You will often find that trying to book cheap skip bin hire at the last minute is going to limit your options as skip bin hire companies get booked up.

The last thing you should be doing is searching for same day delivery because that says you failed in your basic planning. Try to plan ahead to make sure it happens as you would like it to happen if possible.  Phoning up on the day you want your skip bin delivered does not mean you will not find anyone to deliver a same day hire, but it is likely to mean you have to wait an hour or three for the delivery.  

What waste type Skip Bin is needed?

Good Waste disposal suggests you are going to consider what wast you have and how best to get rid of it. You should try to work out what materials or waste or whatever you are looking to get rid of so you can pick the right waste type for the skip bin to be ordered. It will also help you to estimate the best size and type of skip bin to be hired.

If you throw everything in one bin you unlikely to benefit from cheap skip bin hire. State governments are using waste levies to tax you on the waste you throw away. The heavier the waste the more you pay and the more likely you are to incurr additional costs. The cost effective method is to separate out the heavy wastes whereever possible. It is often cheaper to get a small brick and concrete bin that to mixed them in with other waste materials. Heavy waste will blow you budget unless you can separate recycleable materials.

General waste just means mixed materials. General light waste is rubbish without bricks, concrete, soil etc in it. Heavy General waste is mixed rubbish that has these materials in.

Recyclable materials are things like bricks, concrete, soil (or clean-fill), hardfill, green waste, masonry and timber. Here are thedifferent waste types or categories:

  • Light General waste

  • Heavy General Waste

  • Clean-fill which is soil and/or dirt

  • Green waste - for tree branches, grass clippings, plant cuttings and other green garden waste (but not soil)

  • Concrete and Masonry

  • Asbestos

  • Timber

Customers for the best price make sure general waste is kept separatean example different waste types on a building site with dirt mixed with other rubbish at the jobgreen waste type is just small branches, lawn clippings etc to save moneydispose of Brick and concrete as recycling to save money at best price for skip



How do you measure the quantity of rubbish

Professional and reputable skip bins companies measure the quantity of rubbish in cubic metres. If you phone up and some starts to tell you they have a 2 tonne bin or a 4 marrell then hang up and phone a reputable business. When you are trying to get rid of waste the primary measure is cubic metres because it that is a measure of volume. Some creepy businesses use other measures to hoodwink their customers.

A skip size should always be in cubic meatures. The weight of the contents of the bin is dependent on the mixture of waste you are putting in the bin. It is not possible forecast the weight of heavy waste until it is weighed at the landfill weighbridge.

When you know the volume of the waste then you know what bin size bin needed. When selecting bin size allow for a little more waste than you estimated because it is better to get a sized skip slightly larger that needed rather than having to hire another skip bin.

a large rangeof skip bin sizes starting with the 2.0m³skip bin size here is 3.0m³ with a bit of garden wastebig bins sizes 10.0m³ skip bin with door on nature stripAnother big bin sizes here being a 21.0m³ bin for light waste type only part of large range for any size job

What is the delivery suburb for the skip bin?

Most skip bin businesses set their prices based on the distance they have to travel to deliver and pick up a bin. So when you call the first peice of information that is useful is the delivery suburb.

If you are having difficulties planning when, where, how or what for you next skip hire then give Bins Skips Waste and Recycling a call and let us help you.  

Frequently Asked Questions about skip hire?

What is the right sized skip bin?

One that is slightly larger than you need. So when discussing the range of skip bins asked what the size and price of the next larger bin is.

Are there different types of bin?

The is a range of skip bin types. So to get the right bin it is always wise to ask about what is available. Do the skip bis have doors or drop down ramps (to avoid hard work lifting all the heavy waste over the side of the bin. There are also hook-lift bins that are square in shape and have a door at one end.

When is a Council Permit needed?

In most major cities where space and congestion is a problem councils often what you to secure a council permit to put a skip bin on their property. There property is the nature strip, the road side and other public land.

What should be kept out of Skip Bins?

The following should be kept out of bins:

  • harzardous waste

  • Food waste


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:18/03/2023