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 Hook Bin, RORO Bin or Big Bin?

What are large Hook Bins Brisbane used for?

Hook Bins are a large sized type of skip bin that are hired out for the collection and disposal of mainly light general wastes. Around the country hook bins are offered for skip bin hire in a large range of sizes from 2 cubic meters to 40 cubic meters. Hook bins are more correctly called hook lift bins because they are lift on and off the back of the trucks that transport the using a hook that is on the end of a large hydraulic arm. Hook bins are also known by a number of other names including:

  • Hook-Lift Bins name after the mechanism that lifts the bins on and off the trucks
  • RORO Bins (Roll-on, Roll-off Bins) because there are roller at the back of the truck that allow the bins to roll on and off the hook lift trucks more easily
  • Dyno bins after a brand name for one type of hook lift bin where the lifting hook is are the base of the bin rather than the top of an A-frame at the front of the bin.
  • Big Bins because the large hook lift are much bigger than normal Marrell skip bins. Marrell Skip Bins are the funny shaped bins used for skip bin hire (that are lifted on and off the back of the trucks using 4 chains on 2 arms).

What size Hook RORO Bins are available in Brisbane?

In Brisbane most hook lift operators generally use bins that are between 10 and 40 cubic meters in size for large jobs. Specific hook bin sizes ( or capacity) that we have available around Brisbane include a range 10m3, 12m³, 15m³, 17m3, 20m³, 23m3, 25m³, 30m³ to 38m3 in volume. These bins vary in dimensions are are using upto 6m long (length), 2.0 to 2.5 meters wide (width) and up to 2.5m tall. When looking at hook lift bins for skip bin hire Brisbane it is important to think about how easy or other wise it will be to stack you waste at greater heights. Lifting rubbish over 1.5 meters in the are is hard work. All these bins have doors so a customer can walk into them with their materials.

Hook Bins are good value usually when looking to disposal of large volumes of household and commercial light general waste. Such General waste can include materials like cardboard, clothes, furniture, green waste, general light rubbish, light construction debris or renovation waste like doors, cabinetry, bathroom and kitchen cupboards, timber and plaster-board from internal stud walls, shop fit-outs and spring cleaning waste from blocks of units or flats.

If you need to get rid of heavy waste, like building waste, soil, concrete, bricks and construction rubble from commercial building projects the the service of a nook-lift bin would suit your rubbish.

Hook-lift bins are really good for disposing of asbestos because they have flat bases and are long enaough to place a whole sheet of asbestos in without needing to break it.

Why look to use a Hook Bin on your next Project?

Customer(s) and labourers like to use hook-lift bins because they are easier to load because:

  • They have a door or two at the back of the bin that can be opened for easy access. Then a wheelbarrow can be pushed in and out of the door to load the bin. Ideal for loading heavy materials (soil, concrete Similarly the door makes it easier to lift large items into the bin like furniture and other household items (fridges, freezers, washing machines etc).
  • The bins have square corners so it is easy to stack cubes or boxes into them (making then easier to load than Marrell skip bins. Bins Skips Waste and Recycling provides Brisbane skip bin hire that has lots to choose from. Give us a call on phone: 07 3503 6769 for working out what is the best options for your next waste service. Our Team
  • Delivery services are available 7-days a week
  • Waste removal for warehouse business where the bin is require inside a roller door.


FAQ about Hook-lift Bins in Brisbane

How many trailer loads of rubbish can fit into a Hook bin?

A standard 6 by 4 box trailer can contain about a cubic meter in volume when level load to the top of the trailer. So a 10 cubic meter hook lift bin holds about the same as three level loaded trailer when thinking about the removal of trash (or treasure). The level loaded box trailer is a trailer without a cage. With a box trailer with a cage these can hold about 3 time the capacity of the level loaded trailer which means about 3 cubic metre of trash. If you are thinking about a pile of heavy rubbish materials, soil or concrete you also need to the weight of the waste because it will very quickly be heavier than a trailer can safely carry. When trying to estimate your volume of waste think about how many box trailer or wheelie bin you would fill.

What are RORO bins suitable for?

RORO Bins are suitable for the removal or all sorts of waste types including:

  • Concrete (size up to 12 cubic metre)
  • Soil (size up to to 12 Cubic metre, that is a big pile)
  • Asbestos (asbestos sheets or corrugate asbestos) which has to be double wrapped in builders plastic and sealed with heavy duty duct tape.
  • Large Scale Renovation waste
  • Construction waste
  • Residential and Business Furniture (desks, chairs, lounges etc)
  • White goods and electrical items
  • Green waste

Are there special delivery or access needs for RORO bins?

Hook bin services are delivered by hook trucks that are about 7 or 8 metre in length. The bins are up to 6 metre long and have to be offloaded straight behind the truck So a suitable space for the delivery of a hook lift bin is about 14 metre long. Remember to allow also for access where the door needs to be opened. Allow for the dimensions of the door and the bin. Also considered the weight of the bin and its contents if it is to be placed on a concrete driveway.

How can these big bins for waste be booked?

The hire in Brisbane of bins skip can be made online via this website. Start by getting a price instantly (using the service panel top right). Enter the suburb of your site, the skip bins size and the waste type. Click on get price and the website will return a shortlist. Int the short-list there can be more than one entry for a bin size as there are multiple delivery depots in different suburbs. The description of the waste services include the bin size, bin dimensions, the width, height and length of the bin. There are also review for waste service left by other users of our business. Beyond Bin size we also provide note(s) about the service, tipping weight included in price etc. We go to great length to inform customers about the services we provide. If you want more help about our skip bin hire Brisbane phone the team.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:28/08/2021