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Tips for Mattress Disposal and Recycling

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Mattress & Ensemble for Recycling

Matress Recycling Introduction

Mattress Recycling has become prevalent in many areas of Australia, especially in east coast metropolitian areas and Perth. Behind the growth in mattress and ensemble recycling are a number of social enterprises that operate across Australia. These social enterprises offer employment opportunities to disadvantaged people, some with disabilities, some who have experienced long-term unemploment and also those who identify as Indigenous. Their business objectives in addition to providing employment is to contribute to a greener, cleaner Australia by minimises the volume of waste being sent to land-fills. They want to send materials used in Mattresses and Ensembles diverted from land-fill and reused, recycled or repurposed. 

Top Tips for Mattress and Ensemble Recycling

  1. Check what your Council provides for Free - Many councils provide kerbside collections where they will pick up your mattresses and ensemble bases for free as part of their hard waste collection services. By checking what waste and recdycling services your council offers you could save yourself both time and money. Usually the main draw back with council services when they are available is the timing for collections and availability. Some councils provide excellent services, others will leave you wanting...
  2. Don't leave it until the last minute - Finding the best option for recycling a mattress or Ensemble is likely to take a little time as you with need to seek out your options. Leaving your reseach to the last minute will reduce your options and cause you frustration.
  3. Plan Ahead - To minimise costs most social enterprises that recycle Mattresses and Ensembles are focused on running a lean operation. That is to say they recognise that they need to tailor their services to match the budgets of their customers (that they beleive to be meagre). Most people disposing of mattresses are more focused on minimising charges rather than maximising convenience. Consequently the collection of mattresses is usually scheduled a day a week for the different areas they provide mattress recycling services for. The bottom-line is that from when you book a pick up you might have to wait a week or two before the pick-up can be scheduled.
  4. Be pragmatic when looking for options - It is not always possible to get everything you want, when you want (especially left to the last minute). Most mattress recyclers want to pick up you goods from outside your property to minimise their effort, the risk of injury to their staff and the liability associated with having staff enter customers properties. Often asking the help of a neighbour is far easrier than changing the business processes of social enterprises that have to operate according to other authorities that dictate their operational activities. 
  5. Not all advice is good advice - We often come across customers who have been advised that they have to complete activities by certain deadlines that can not be met. Remember at the end of the day it is often better to accept a delay rather than be left with the problem itself. We often are told of such deadline like completion dates, the end of a lease or similar and it is better that the removal of unwanted items are removed even if a day or a week after the deadline. Afterall it is better that someone has arranged for a mattress to be removed even if it is a week after a specific date thanit not be removed at all.
  6.  Read the Instructions for the Mattress and Ensemble Recycling Service Carefully - Mattress & Ensemble Recycling services differ around Australia so it is important to be familar with the way your mattress and/or Ensemble will be collected. Most collectors what the items left out the night before collection so they may be collected anythime between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm and sometimes even in subsequent days.
  7. Don't Let Murphy destro your day - from time to time trucks break down, people are sick and other problems interrupt service.  If your pick up didn't occur as expected let us know and we will get it sorted. Getting upset, getting angry will not help anything so keep you cool and ask for help and you will get it. 
  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:22/11/2020