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Rubbish Removal Melbourne is easy with a skip bin

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Unwanted rubbish collected in skip bin excellent service

All Kinds of everything remind me (of the rubbish)

We have been helping customers with rubbish removal in Melbourne for more than 12 years. That is a lot of rubbish in anyone's book. And the rubbish has been many different waste types that have included household junk, old furniture, e-waste, construction debris, hard rubbish collection, mattress removal, white goods, green waste and garden waste. Our primary method of waste disposal is by the delivery of skip bins and hook-lift bins. Delivering bins is an easy solution most rubbish removal needs. It allows for rubbish disposal and the rubbish problem solved leaving happy customers and making junk disappear.

Council Hard Rubbish Collections versus Household rubbish removal

Many local government councils in Melbourne offer hard rubbish collection, usually few time a year. But there collections are not usually enough for all the rubbish that a household generates. So for a very reasonable price it is possible to hire skip bins to get rid of your rubbish ASAP. Compared to hard waste collections we offer a prompt service when a bin can be delivered in a day or two and collected soon after to get rid of that unwanted rubbish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rubbish Removal Melbourne

What is the best way to dispose of old mattresses and bed bases around Melbourne?

The least expensive skip is still not the best way to dispose of old beds and mattresses as disposal facilities charge for these items and make the truck drivers deliver them to a "special" area within the disposal facility which takes extra time. The best option if it is available (and you have the time is to get your local council to collect them for free (which is usually part of their hard waste collection services if they offer them).

If you cannot wait for the next hard waste collection then we also offer mattress removal for the collection and recycling of mattresses and inner spring bed bases. We do collections at least once a week in most areas and more frequently in popular ares. This is a great service where you just leave the mattress and/or bed base out the night before pick up and by the end of the following day it is gone.

What size bins are available?

We have a huge range of bins and services available to get rubbish removed for a great price. We have large 20 and 25 cubic metre bins that are large enough for a whole house full of old furniture and other junk like white goods, garage rubbish. These large bins have door that open up so you can walk-in to the bins and avoid the heavy lifting to put the rubbish into the back of a truck. Needless to say, no job is too big or too small. We have smaller skip bins from 2 cubic metres and up. The 2m bins could be used for same day rubbish removal. If you have the rubbish ready to pile in the bin, we can wait and do a load and go service or come back an hour or two later to give a more relaxed approach.

What are the benefits of skip hire?

Here are the top benefits of skip hire (compared to men with trucks):

  1. Skip bin hire allows you to sort and load you rubbish into the bin at your own pace. There is no one waiting for your instructions and you are not worrying about a clock and the minutes ticking over.

  2. Get what exactly what you have paid for (and sometimes a little bit more). Your are hiring a skip bin of a specific size and that is usually a fixed price. you just have to put the waste safely inside the bin, below the rim of the bin so it is safe to transport.

  3.  Skip bins are good for all sorts of non-hazardous wastes including building materials including brick, concrete, timber, plasterboard, soil, rocks and renovation rubbish

  4. If you need extra time to sort you rubbish that is easy, just call us and let us know

Are free quotes available so I understand the prices involved?

Yes you can get as many free quotes as you like by filling in the panel to the top rop right "Get Price Instantly". Start to type in you suburb name and when you se it in the drop down list click on it. Then estimate the volume of your unwanted items and select the size of skip bin you need.

What happens to the rubbish removed in the bin?

More often than not your rubbish is taken to be sorted so that the volume of rubbish going to landfill can be reduced. Any materials that can be recycled or reused will be remove from the waste stream. Rubbish removal services are usually focused on reducing waste to landfill to reduce the cost of their offerings. For example where there are white goods mixed with household waste, the metal white goods would be removed for recycling the metal. In areas where Green Waste recycling is available then, the green or garden waste would be separated so that too could be sent for recycling.

 4.0m³ Skip Bin for Light General Waste for rubbish removal in Melbourne8.0m³ Hook Bin for Light General Waste on the street in Melbourne, now there's a friendly servicesame day rubbish removal is possible for smaller loads


  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:26/08/2022