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The Beauty of a Skip Bin

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Millions of every day people hire a skip bin each y ear to to keep a little order in their lives.

A Skip Bin is the Secret to Removing the Pile of Rubbish
It seems like most of us do it. Collecting those thing that might be useful one day. So everyone has one, a pile of really useful stuff that will come in handy one day. I am sure we probably keep these piles in different places. It is just whether they are on view so we are reminded. Or maybe it is hidden or an eyesore and the guilt is growing. It just seems that there is always a pile of something that needs a spare afternoon to be sorted, moved, used, thrown out, reused, re-purposed or who knows what.

But there is a saying that goes that "if you haven't used it or touched it in 12-months then the chances are that you don't really need it" and you probably should loose it because it is only cluttering up your life, your garage, your garden or some other space that could be used for something far more useful.

And the hard part is that these little piles of stuff start out as potential useful x, y or z. We just need to find the time to do the something with it. And then before long, you know you have a collection of "stuffs" all awaiting a lot of time.

So resist the temptation and get proactive. Treat yourself to the luxury of hiring a skip bin.

And here is the wonder of the Skip Bin it creates a focus for your time. Unlike taking trailer loads of rubbish to the tip, the skip bin means you don't have to add travel to the work load to get rid of the pile of the stuff. You just need to set aside a weekend when you are going to focus of the the sorting and moving the stuff to the skip bin and that is is it. And in fact if you are a de-cluttering warrior you will not need too much of the sorting because most of the piles should just go to the skip bin. Once loaded you don't have to worry about what to do with the contents. Where to take it, how mush time you need to be able to make all the trips is all taken care of. Your end of the deal was just to put the stuff in the skip bin. It is now up the skip bin company to do the real disposal.

3 cubic meter skip bin
The real Beauty of the skip bin is the new found clear spaces that bring peace and calm rather than guilt about when I really going to find time to do something with all that clutter?

  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:06/12/2018