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Our Skip Bin Hire Quotes provide you with all the detail you need

News > Our Skip Bin Hire Quotes provide you with all the detail you need

Skip Bin Hire Quoting with Integrity is very Important to Us.

With hundreds of depots delivering skip bins to to thousands of suburbs across Australia, we beieive it is very important that we provide as much detail about the service we offer so that our customers are fully informed.  It is this detailed information that emposers our customers to make the right decision about the service they will receive from us when they choose  to book Skip Bin Hire from us. We are committed to providing as much detail as possible in our quotes, so we can build trust with our customers.

When customers come to our website we want them to be able to share our information with anyone else who will be helping to make the decision about which skip bin service they need, and would suit them best. Here is an example of the information that we send out in a quote. 

Skip Bin Hire Quote with lots of detail

The information sent out in a quote is exactly the same as is shown on the website about a skip bin hire service. The information includes (b ut is not limited to:

  1. Skip Bin Service Title:
  2. Skip Bin Price*:
  3. Delivery To Suburb for Bin:
  4. Special Instructions or Service Description for the skip bin hire service:
  5. Hire Period:
  6. Waste Type:
  7. Bin Size:
  8. Bin Type:
  9. Bin Dimensions:
  10. Addons Items and charges:
  11. Additional Hire:

There is more information available on many bins like the quantity of tipping charges included in the price and lifting capacity for the truck retrieving the skip bin.  Also under the Add-on items there can be lots of information about other charges that could be associate with the skip bin hire service. Things like addtional charges for mattresses, tyres, and other sundry items. There could also be information about council permits in case you need the bin placed on council property.  The information can be very extensive and informative. And if there is something that isn't clear we have staff available to answer your phone calls and to help understand all the important aspects of selecting a skip bin hire service.

 We also provide a link on the quote so you can review our terms and conditions that include our refund policy and other important information for buyers who want to be fully informed.  We also usually include a link to a webpage that will provide you with more information about the the type of waste that the skip bin is for. Here you will find tips on estimating the size of the bin you with need.

There is more than just size and price to consider when you are hiring a skip bin or hook bin.  Moreover we want our customer to feel that we have made every effort to make them fully informed about all aspects of hiring a bin so they can make the best decision for their task at hand.

In providing all this information we aim to show that we are a business that you can trust, that we have integrity and are proud of all of the aspects of the services we provide. And finally we hope you recognise that our aim is to build a ruputation for providing Reliability, not only in the information that we provide but alos the services that we deliver.


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:12/08/2021