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Another way to judge the size of the Skip Bin you need, by the Van Load

News > Another way to judge the size of the Skip Bin you need, by the Van Load

At Bins Skips Waste and Recycling we are always working to make it easier for our customers to find the bulk waste services that they need. The top question we seem to be asked is "What size of skip bin do I need?" Now this sounds like a simple question but in reality it can be difficult because you have to be able to picture the waste you have and then be able to quantify that according to a scale that we can translate into a standard size (or volume) of skip bin.

The standard measure for a skip bin is a volume. And given we are talking about bulk volumes of waste the quantity we use to measure skip bins is cubic meters. The challenge is that most people are not use to working with such volumes. And as such it is hard for them to visualise what a cubic meter is. The simplest way to visualise a cubic meter is to imagine a box that is 1 meter high, 1 meter deep and 1 meter wide. And even though that migh sound simple it is often hard to estimate large volumes when you are not familiar with the measure.

Being familiar with the measure that you are going to use is the most important challenge. So it is for that reason we often talk to people about how much rubbish they have in terms of wheelie bins or standard 6 by 4 foot trailers, that are level loaded. And here is why we have decided to talk about volumes of rubbish in terms of truck-loads. Truck-loads is another measure that we can translate a size of vehicle that someone is familar with, into a standard measure of our skip bins in cubic meters.

 Estate or Station Wagon


Parcel Van 
 Short wheel-base Van
Long wheel-base Van (transit) 
 Box Van



  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:28/07/2019