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What will be the effect of 2021 Waste Levies be on Skip Bins

News > What will be the effect of 2021 Waste Levies be on Skip Bins

The tax (waste levy) on the disposal of waste around Australia difffers vastly. As 2021 pricing takes effect on 1st July 2020 (or subsequently) what is the state of the levies as imposed by State Governments around the country?

In Queensland the Waste Levy was due to rise on the 1st July 2020 to $85 per tonne plus GST.  The Good news for Queensland Skip Bin users is that your Government has put off the increase until the 1st January 2021. So you have until Christmas to Clean Up! Given COVID 19 Queensland seems to be the only state showing much respect for their residents, builders and other waste generating businesses.

The New South Wales government is increating their waste levy as long planned with absolutely no regard for the impact of COVID on the NSW economy and the hard time being experienced by the prople and businesses of their state.

Victoria are also increasing their waste taxes but they still be the mainland state with the lowest waste levies and the greatest commitment to attempt to tey to getting their recycling economy started. Western Australia has a similiar level waste levy tht they have no increase planned. 

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:22/06/2020