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Smartskips no longer serving NSW and bins acquired by competitor

News > Smartskips no longer serving NSW and bins acquired by competitor

Smartskips NSW was sold to Cardinal Project Services early last year, 2011.  It was then a tough year for Cardinal Project Services and they were placed in administration December.  Sadly for Cardinal Project Services they have now gone into receivership and their assets are being sold off.  This has been a particularly trying time for the staff and customers of Cardinal Project Service (Smartskips NSW) with a lot of uncertainty occurring. 

Now the assets of the business are being sold off and in particular the skip bins have recently been bought by the Bingo Group.  This will be a relief for many Cardinal customers as they have had bins onsite for a number of weeks now and they are keen to know when and who is going to collect and empty the skip bins.   Bins Skips Waste and Recycling have received a number of calls about the removal of the 9m skips but with the ownership of the skip bins and the businesses in doubt there has been little that could be done up to now.  For customers in NSW who have either Smartskip or Cardinal's skips they should contact Bingo Group to find out when and how their bins can be collected. Cardinal Projects Services also owned Reefway who are now no more with the demise of Cardinal Project Services.

Many Smartskips and Reefway customers in Sydney will now need to contact Bingo Group to get their Smartskip or Reefway Bins removed following which they will be free to find new services in the market.
  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:22/12/2011