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What can a Timber skip bin be used for?

News > What can a Timber skip bin be used for?

Timber Skip Bins are for Timber OnlyTimber skip bins are often a lot cheaper than other sorts of bins but there is good reason for that.  And the reason is all to do with the materials can go in timber skip bins? The Timber skip bin service is being offered because the materials in the bin can be recycling and will not be going to landfill where there are large charges to bury any and all wastes including timber if it is mixed with other rubbish.

The key word here is "recycling". Skip bins businesses will seek out alternative disposal options for wastes so they can get credit for minimising the volume of waste going to landfill. And usually if a material can be recycling it will be taken for free or at a far lower cost than burying it in a smelly hole in the ground called a landfill tip. The idea here is to recycle the timber by some process so it can be made into usable products.

So when thinking about what can go into a timber bin your first thought should be, could this material be recycled? It is for this reason that it is no wise to put green waste into a timber skip bin. I can not think of any use of a bin of mixed green waste and timber that can be carried out without first having to sort the green waste from the timber.  And as soon as sorting of the contents of the bin is needed then think expense. Yes it is comparatively expensive to have to sort materials and so that would make the cost of the bin more not less.

Tree Roots are not timber!!! And do not belong in a timber skip bin.From time to time to time we get night mare skip bins and yes there are nightmare timber skip bins. Below is a picture of a nightmare timber bin. Yes some creative sort thought that tree roots were timber. Obviously without thinking much about how they could or couldn't be recycled. Just think about it tree roots usually contain between a small and a large amount of soil within the root balls.  And what are you going to make out of a root ball that contains green wood and dirt. Yes that challenge cause me a problem trying to think of an answer too.

If there is any thing in a timber bin other than timber it will end up being treated as general waste. If the material in the bin is more like green waste you might be lucky and the waste will be treated as general light waste.

Alternatively if the bin contains materials like soil, rocks, dirt, sand, tree roots or tree trunks and branches that are greater than 100mm in diameter or palm trunks then it is likely to be treated as heavy waste and there is likely to be additional charges or tipping fees for the additional weight of the materials placed in the bin.

Timber skip bins are good if you want to get rid of old structural timber out of a building or a garage, looking at replacing a timber or picket fence, or if you are getting rid of  decking, timber from pergolas, or timber batts off an old roof.

There are also a few restrictions you will what to be aware of when it comes to timber skip bins. Most importantly is that they are not for treated timber. Treated timber is timber that has been soaked in nasty chemicals to protect it from horrible insects. The chemicals used to treat the wood are usually nasty and poisonous and in the case of Coppice logs these contain arsenic. So treated timber that has been impregnated with chemicals can not be put in a normal timber bins and they usually have to be disposed of as heavy waste.  This can also be true for old railways sleepers as well.

If in doubt whether you have timber that is OK or not try calling us and speaking to one of our friendly staff who can help make sure you are fully informed.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:26/10/2017