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 Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals are important for the environment

Ways and means of Tyre Disposal in Australia

The simplest means of tyre disposal is to take advantage of the offer from a tyre outlet and leave the old tyres from your vehicle with them. It is important to the tyre outlet to make sure that they have the most efficient and least cost way to dispose of the old tyres from all the vehicles they are fitting with new tyres. They will have the old used tyres picked up from their premises on a regular basis (probably even daily). Old tyre disposal will be important to them and the brands they represent and they will not want to have load of ald tyres hanging about making their garage looking uncared for and full of scrap tyres.

We get many enquiries about old tyre disposal in skip bins and this is definitely possible. Most skip bin depots will allow end of life tyres to be put in their bins and will charge you to cover the cost of disposal at the tip or landfill. It is important to note that

There will be a few lucky people who are located near tyre recyclers that are located in the state capitals.

Australian Tyre Collection

If you have old unwanted tyres at home then the best place for them is at a tyre garage. Most areas will have a tyre retailer where end of life tyres can be left, usually for a low fee.

Tyre Recycling Centres are mostly located in mainland Australian state capitals where there are sufficient old tyres to warrant their collection and recycling.

If you are unable to get your old tyres to a tyre outlet or a recyclking centre than a skip bin provides a viable pickup alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyre Disposal

What is the Best way to dispose of car tyres?

The best way of disposing of old tyres is to let the new tyre outlet where you buy you new tyres dispose of them as part of their service. The old scrap tyres will be fed back into the tyre recycling supply chain where they are most likely to be recycled.

Is it possible to Get Rid of Old Tyres for Free in Australia?

The closet that I have seen to free disposal of tyres in Australia is from a local waste management facility on the NSW Central Coast where they will accept car tyres with rims upto maximum of five. This initive is part of their Scrap metal program.

What to Do with Old Tyres in Australia

Make sure your old tyres are going to be returned to a member of the Australian tyre recyclers association so they are handle resposibley.

Can old car tyres be recycled?

Tyres can be recycled in a few different ways, just like other types of tyres. Old tyres are shredded or ground up and used to make other products such as asphalt, aggregate for concrete, artificial reefs, footwear, useful plastic and rubber composites, and cushioned playground turf.

How do I dispose of truck or car tyres?

Tyres from cars, 4 wheeled drives, vans and trucks and all very similar, they are just different sizes. So this means that wherever you can get rid of vehicle tyres you can usually dispose of truck tyres as well. The only issues is the size and so for bigger tyres expect to pay more because like all waste usually the cost of disposal is associated with weight. To have your tyres recycled make sure they are returned to the supply chain for tyre recyclers.

Are rubber tyres considered a hazardous waste?

Used tyres that are no longer useful or wanted are considered waste. The basic materials found in rubber tyres have no hazardous properties and so they are not intrinsically hazardous. The issues with tyres is that they are considered a problem waste because they come with significant issues when not handled responsibily. These issues include:

  • Fire Hazard - waste tyres when alight release a lot of heat and dense black fumes that containing hazardous fumes, soot and oily liquids. This presents a clear danger to the environment specifically local air quality for nearby residents and also a threat to the quality of the ground water from the oily liquids.

  • Tyres in Landfill - Experiance has shown that when tyres are dumped in landfill they become a source of problems. The rubber tyres do not collaspe but remain in shape whhich creates pockets or voids that fill with gas and liquids that pose problems. The tyres also are found to "walk" to the surface of the tip release the liquids and gases which are often hazardous. For this reason tyres are no longer accepted in landfills and are removed from the waste stream.

  • Water bourne diseases - If waste tyres are stored poorly they provide the right environment for the collection of water inside the tyres. As rubber tyres are hollow and round in shape they can collect water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and waterborne disease. Tyre recyclers are required to store them to avoid this.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:12/07/2023