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Get Mum a Skip Bin for Mothers Day

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Hey, it sounds like such a dumb question, does you Mum want a skip bin for Mothers Day? The first reaction would normally be, "Of course she doesn't want a skip bin, she wants flowers, chocolates, dinner out, bath salts, a day at the Spa, an over seas holiday or something or anything but a skip bin...."

Well hey, hold on mate, or even ladies (girls and boys) sometimes some mothers just yearn for some practical help, especially as they do when they are getting on and everyone has left home leaving the junk behind they didn't want to take with them and could not bring themselves to throw out.

I recently spoke with a lovely lady who was having to arrange her own skip bin and was then unsure whether any of her three grown sons would come round to help fill it.  How sad it can be after 20 years of devoting yourself to your children and their welfare that they would never think of popping round to help tidy the old place up, or helping out to put a couple of old beds she can't lift on her own and put in a skip bin.  Come on it only takes an hour or so of your time to fill a 2m, 3m or 4m bin.  It's not as if you are being asked to fill the skip bins with grains of sand using a straw and a bucket with a hole in it!  It is only that old sofa that you and your brother (or sisters) wrecked by using it as a trampoline when you thought no one was looking.  Yes Mum needs a little help to get that sofa in the skip bin or does that really come as a surprise.

Hey, don't be a dummy, it's not just the skip bin your Mum wants for Mothers Day, she wants you to go over to help her fill it! Then take her out for lunch!

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:03/05/2012