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Placing Skip Bins in Difficult location - Mission Possible

News > Placing Skip Bins in Difficult location - Mission Possible

At Bins Skips Waste and Recycling we often receive calls about having skip bins placed on the the road or nature-strip and often this will ring alarm bells because it is never just that simple.  Another question that makes you think twice is "Can you lift the skip bins off the side of your truck?".  In such situations the best question is "Why?".  And then the other issue is "We live on such and such main road and I am not sure where the bin can go?.

Well this is the story of one such call that ended well. We were able to change Mission Impossible or Improbable into Mission Probable and Possible. Victoria Road is a busy arterial road in Sydney that runs west out of Sydney to Parramatta.  It is not only popular with commuters in their cars, it also carries a lot of public transport in the form of buses.

So when I heard the request I quickly checked out the what the site was like, and was rewarded with the sight below.
Putting Skip Bins in Difficult places like here in Blacktown

The delivery address was the house to the left of the palm tree (in the center of the picture). What a great place for a skip bin (not).  No driveway, traffic lights, a pedestrian crossing, a bus stop, a lamp post and a power pole.  The nature strip was only a meter and a half wide and for a normal Marrel skip bin truck to deliver such a bin would have meant they would have to park across the main road while they unloaded the bin off the back of the truck.  A non-starter as it would be too dangerous.

What was needed was a delivery truck that could lift the skip bin off the side of the truck. Such trucks are not common. Infact trucks that lift the bins off the side of the truck are very rare.  I have come across such a truck in Newcastle but no where else in Australia. And even with one of those it would only be able to put the skip bin on the grass nature strip and then the Council would probably not allow it and would not give a permit because it would endanger pedestrians using the crossing.

The bin was really going to be best off if it could be placed in the front yard of the house.  Hitting Google earth I quickly measured the distance from the side of the road to the grass beyond the fence.  About 3m, hmm.  I checked if the customer would be OK for the bin to be placed over the fence on the grass. He was impressed with the idea because it would allow him more time to fill the bin and he pointed out that the ground was raised (note the steps up, next to the palm). It was looking more like a good fit for a Hi-ab Truck that has a single armed crane for placing the bins where they are required.  Again these skip bins are not exactly common but we do have a few partners that have them.

One of Blacktown's Hiab Trucks for delivering Skip Bins to difficult locations 

 As you can see from the photo of the Blacktown Skip Bins truck it just fitted the bill. The truck would be able to pull up along side the property and off-load the skip bin on to the raised front lawn, without causing too much disruption to the traffic on the busy road.

This job is a great example of how customers can utilise the knowledge and skills of Bins Skips Waste and Recycling staff to find a solution to their rubbish removal needs. Very few waste companies would have such specialised knowledge about what options are available and where they can be sourced from.  Bins Skips Waste and Recycling has hundreds of partners delivering services to thousands of suburbs across Australia.
  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:05/08/2016