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Sydney Skip Bin Prices in 2015/16 following Waste Levy changes

News > Sydney Skip Bin Prices in 2015/16 following Waste Levy changes

Many Sydney Skip Bin companies are concerned about the impact of the 2015/16 Waste Levy changes.  Even the recycling businesses and land landfill operators are concerned about the impact of all the changes.

The first change that everyone have gotten used to is the annual increase in the Waste Levy (yes this is really just another tax).  This years increase sees the the waste levy increasing from $120.90/tonne to $134.00/tonne on the first of July 2015.  Yes that is a 10.84% increase on last years Waste Levy. The CPI increase for the period March 2014 to 2015 was 1.3%.  Skip bin companies are always concerned by the 10% increase in waste levies each year.  The increase puts upward pressure on the price of skip bins as it is a contributing factor to the price of skip bins that can not be ignored.  Each year the increase in waste levy alone causes considerable issues explaining the increase of skip bin prices when wage increases are small or none existent.

This year there is a second factor that is going to impact the cost of skip bins and rubbish removal.  Starting on August 1st 2015 the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) will be enforcing new rules and regulations that were passed in the NSW Parliament last October. Starting on August 1st all waste and recycling facilities will be required to track and weigh all waste in and out of their facilities.  As far as most businesses understand the legislation this will mean that the waste and recycling facilities will have to track all the waste, the source and destination of the waste and the quantity.  These facilities where skip bin businesses dispose of their waste will then be required to report on an ongoing basis including having twice yearly survey's  (by a Registered Surveyors) which have to be submitted to the EPA.  This survey information will be used to review stockpile levels and where there is excess materials the facilities will pay Waste Levies on those materials.

Many recyclers are very concerned by the implications of the surveys as their recycling businesses are very cyclical and are impacted by weather and job requirements.  They are expecting that this will frequently lead to the situation where they will be required to hand over large cheques to the EPA for thousands or millions of dollars to cover excess stock piles.  To cover this financial risk will need for them to build up financial reserves or borrow loans, either of which will mean an increased cost for the customers of the skip bin or rubbish removal companies.

The bottom-line to all this in Sydney and the regional metropolitan areas such as Wollongong and Newcastle and between  is that skip bin prices are likely to increase by 15 to 20% around the 1st of July 2015. In addition to the price increases there is likely to be new rules about what materials are allowed to be placed in different types of waste category. So take care when ordering you next bin.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:20/06/2015