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Miniskips, what is it? Where are they? Who delivers them?

News > Miniskips, what is it? Where are they? Who delivers them?

Miniskip, what is in a word, this word? What a very good question? Maybe a modecum of commercial cut and thrust, but apart from that a miniskip might be considered an imaginery beast. 

Around the world miniskip is more of a marketing word or concept rather than anything else.  The term miniskip was coined to describe a small skip bin. A small metal skip bin usually delivered on a small truck offering convenience for someone looking to get rid of a relatively small quantity rubbish. Maybe the rubbish from a small renovation job, the renovation of a small bathroom, an annual spring clean or the once of of the yard.

A 2.0m³ Mini Skip Bin
 Square 2.0m³ Mini Skip Bin

Usually the miniskip is a  2.0m³ or 3.0m³ Skip Bin delivered on a small truck with Marrell lift equipments. Dimensions of there skip bins are not standardised and will vary from supplier to supplier (and even depot to depot). The 2.0m³ mini skip is usually one of two shapes, square or rectangular. On the whole the square mini-skips as 1.5m by 1.5m and 0.9m high.The rectangular bins are 1.3m wide, 1.9m long and again 0,9 meters high.  The sides of the mini skips are usually inclined (sloping) so that they can e easily stacked inside of each other so rhat a simple truck can carry a stack or two of the bins when delivering them.

3.0m³ mini-skip
3.0m³ mini-skip (long and low)

The 3.0m³ mini-skip (like the 2.0m³ mini-skip) comes in various different shapes from different suppliers. There are versions that are the same length and breadth and higher (more like 1.2m high) and other that are loger and wider.  As photos and pictures can be deceptive it is always best to check that the dimensions of the bin suit the job you have in hand.  Wheelbarrowing dirt or sand in to a 3.0m³ mini-skip that is 1.2m high will require a little more effort that putting it in a bin that is 0.9m high.

Another observation that I would make is that there are very, very few  2.0m³ mini-skip or skips (they are the same thing really) that have doors or ramps. 

Mini skip Delivery Truck
Mini skip delivery truck

The mini skips can be delivered on any sized trck from very small to very large, although they are most likely to be deliverd from a small or medium truck.

In Australia one company tried to dominate the mini-skip marketplace by registering the terminology. They registered a graphic logo for a stylised version of the work miniskip and they have been threatening other businesses with legal action for the use of the term miniskip in any form including "mini-skip" and "mini skip". Their claims are baseless because it is not meant to be possible to copyright or trademark common words and phases. So as skip has multipe meanings and mini is a generic style of word that can be applied to all sundry it would not be possible to claim owner ship of the term when all the elements are in such common usage. One great example of common usage that undermines any companies claim to exclusive use of the term is the use by directory businesses of the terms miniskip, mini skip and mini-skip.



  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Published:15/02/2018