Anyone for a Father's Day Skip Bin?

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Yes we resisted spoiling Father's Day for all those Dads who live with a little clutter or partially fulfilled renovation dreams.  Yes Father's Day is meant to be a pleasant happy day where Dad gets to bond with his children and they show their appreciation for all his efforts towards their well being.  So why the heck as a father would you want a skip bin as a Fathers Day present.  Personally I would prefer a new pair of slippers, a slab of beer or breakfast in bed, but not a skip bin.  The other thing is you are never going to get a Fathers Day skip bin because which right minded driver is going to give up their fathers day celebrations to deliver skip bins to some poor bloke whose family is trying to work him to death on a Sunday (sorry I do know some female skip bin truck drivers and they are good sorts too, so they wouldn't spoil your special day Dad).

Father's day is a far better day for planning future endeavours.  So on Father's Day it is a great time to sit down with the family to plan future projects.  It could be a bathroom or kitchen renovation that needs a small 3 cubic meter bin.  Maybe the garden needs a tidy-up and there are those two or three trees that have grown too large and need to be tamed. A 4 meter bin will probably be enough for the green garden waste and the larger branches and trunks can be stored for firewood to dry out over summer ready for the winter.  On the other hand you might want to be rid of those tree trunks and large branches you can put them in a 2 cubic meter skip bin for heavy waste.

  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:05/09/2012