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OK, the first time I got a telephone call asking about picking up a Brisbane skip bin that had been left at the customers for more than two weeks. I was suddenly feeling a bit sick that something had been overlooked and we might not have done a good job. I quickly checked for the suburb and the street address where the offending skip bin had been deserted. Hmmm, I had had skip bin bookings in the suburb but nothing at that address. I asked again just to double check that I have got the suburb and the street address right for the skip bin. The good news was that it was not my hearing at fault I had got the street and the suburb right, I just didn't have a skip booking to match.

I asked the person on the telephone if they were sure they had booked the skip bin with Bins Skips Waste and Recycling and at that point they admitted that they weren't really sure. Now this surprised me somewhat as I sort of had expected that anybody offering internet booking of skip bins would be providing confirmations of bookings of skip bins etc via emails (not carrier pigeon, osmosis or chance!). But to my surprise I learnt to the contrary that often people filled in forms to book skip bins on-line and never received any confirmation in any way at all. Some of the people looking for the owners of their bins shared that they were not even certain that they had successfully booked a bin until it turned up late...
Well that was the first time I received a call about a deserted skip bin and maybe at the time I just thought it might be the exception to prove a rule that I needed to learn.

The next deserted skip bin called is a little bit funny in hindsight, although at the time I wondered what had been unleashed on me? I was just coming to terms with the morning one day when I was settling down to my first coffee of the day when the phone rang. "Hi there, Steve from Bins Skips Waste and Recycling" I chirped happily unaware of the tirade of abuse about to fall on my unsuspecting ears. The accusing voice told me that the bin was meant to be picked up and it hadn't been and it was the end of the world because their plans were crumbling before their eyes. I fired up the computer and got to searching for the location of the offending Sydney skip bin. "What was the street address of the skip bin delivery in that suburb I asked politely?" I scanned the list of jobs in the popular suburb, but to no avail, I couldn't see their address. "Can I just check who you booked your skip bin with? Did you get a registration email or confirmation from the skip bin supplier??
Probably to my surprise I got the answer that they weren't so sure. I didn't quite understand the initial volley of frustration, but I guess that is what it was. They had probably called a half a dozen or a dozen Sydney Skip Bin companies and could not find who had delivered the bin. And much to my surprise they shared that the bin had no distinctive markings or the usual phone number, name or logo painted on it. At this point even though I had been abused I did have to admit I was feeling sorry for them and their plight to find the owner of the skip bin that sat on their driveway refusing entry into or out of the backyard.

We see these same sorts of situations arising from rental of skip bins in Melbourne, skip bin hire Perth and right across Australia. Bins Skips Waste and Recycling recommends that you always bookmark the website where you have booked your skip bin online just to make sure you can find it again.  Another recommendation is to read what the company reckons they do, and to make sure that they confirm your booking with an email confirmation and receipt so you have some records to refer to when required. 

  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:15/03/2012