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book a skip bin online for easy rubbish removal

Using skip bins for Rubbish Removal and Recycling

Skips bin are a very convenient way to organise rubbish removal. Waste disposal costs a lot of money these days so most people want to find a cost effective way to dispose of their rubbish.

You can organise a skip bin by searching for service over the Internet where it is easier to compare different services with a common measure, the volume of the skip bin you are going to hire. At the simplest level a purchaser of a rubbish bin can compare prices directly if the bins are the same size and are for the same type of waste (just like comparing the price of cans of bake bins). That is the simplest form, but not all wastes are the same and neither are skip bins.

Choice of Waste Types

10 to 15 years ago there were few or only one waste type for commercial skip bin operators. There were no waste levies and the cost of tipping was pretty much the same for everything. Over time our state governments have change the waste industry by intoduce and increasing taxes on waste sent to land-fill. The waste levies are general charge based on weight (by the tonne), so the heavier the waste for disposal the more you have to give in taxes. This is the primary reason why there are heavy waste and light waste skips, to account for the difference in tipping costs.

Avoid paying waste levies

To avoid paying any waste levies all together then the answer is to recycle the waste material. So bricks and concrete can be recycled by cruching them to create aggregates that can be used in building projects. Likewise green waste is turned into mulch so it too can be reused.

So when you are looking for skip bin hire it is smart to know what you waste types are and if you can separate them to save money.

Choice of Skip Sizes

Skip bins not only vary in size they can also vary in other way. The bins can be delivered and collect by trucks with different lifting systems. Which lifting system is being used will have an impact on the cost of the service. The different lifferent lifting system currently in use across Australia include:

Hi-ab crane lift bins delivered on trucks that have a single arm crane that can lift bins on and off the truck to the side. The crane can also be handy for lifting the bin over walls and fences.

Marrell lift skips are the trucks with the two hydraulic arms on the back of the truck. Generally the arms extend and rotate for the delivery and collection of their bins

Hook-lift Bins are delivered from a hook lift truck that can pick up heavier and large bins.

Hi-ab crane lift bins good for lifting bins over fences and other thingsMarrell lift skip truck off-loading a large skip bin to get rid of household rubbishA Hook-lift truck unloading a hook Bin for commercial waste from warehouse

A choice of bin types and sizes

As was say "when more than bin sizes matter", it is wise to get the right size bin. It is often better to get a bin one size larger than expected as this is a better option than having to get a second bin. We also think that it is import to get the right sort of bin because it could save you time and effort which is probably better that just cheap skip bins. Our bins sizes range from 2.0m³ (cubic metres) to 30.0m³. If you have alot of soil you have to load into a skip bin you probably will want one with easy access via a door or a ramp.

Bin sizes start at 2.0m³ for spring cleaning and other small jobsMini skips for when you want a second bin12.0m³ Marrel Skip Bin with walk-in door30.0m³ hook service is only need for a large dump job

Implications for Cheap Skip Bin Suppliers

The state government's are making business difficult for cheap skip bin suppliers as they are collecting signficant taxes from the waste disposal industry. This means a skip bin company needs to be offer innovative skip bin hire and different cost effective solutions for different wastes. One size does not fit all and the best price does help if there are delivery or pick up problems. Sydney residents will tell you that there is no such thing as cheap skip bins. Skip Hire. Last year in Victoria the state government almost double their landfill taxes so that ended the cheap skip bins in Victoria.

Pros and Cons or Skip Bin Hire

Looking at the pros and cons of skip bin hire you are comparing with other ways to get rid of rubbish. The rubbish removal alternatives basically come down to:

  • Do it yourself using your vehicle - This will deliver the best price as you are providing the labour and the transport, although these days tipping is not usually free anymore.

  • Engage a rubbish removalist who uses their truck and labour, so you are paying for all three components (transport, labour and tipping). Usually the rubbish remover quotes based on a volume of waste that sometimes leads to disputes about how much waste was really taken. When someone else is loading there truck it is hard to argue about how well they stacked or packed the truck you only get to pay.

  • Skip Bin hire relies on skip hire businesses that have commercial arrangements with tipping and recycling facilities and the best price they get will be passed onto their customers.

someone needs a rubbish bin for thle light waste typeGreen cuttings ready for the dump via skip hirecould so with a site clean in this postcode. Would suit a bobcat and a skipin focus Bathroom reno materials not from new house site in Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions about online booking skip bins

Is it secure book skip bins over the Internet?

It is not possible to answer this question for all skip bin companies who offer skip bins online as the security comes down to their implementation. It comes down to how they have built their websites and where they store and protect the information they collect.

At Bins Skips Waste and Recycling the answer is yes. We are a company who thinks the security of your information is important. We use a specialised credit card payment gateway to protect you card transaction data (none of which is held on our servers) which continuously tests and improves their security facilities to protect our customers. Our servers are held in a secure data environment with extensive protection to keep our extensive database safe and secure.

What is the most important factor when booking skip bins online?

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling have been helping customers find the right bins for their jobs for over 10-years. In that time we have learnt that hiring a skip bin is more complex than just a single factor like competitive prices, an extensive database, etc. It is about helping customers realise what is available and what will help them with their rubbish removal, having friendly staff who listen and help when asked.


  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:24/03/2023