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All you need to Know about Skip Bin Sizes

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There is Only one way to measure a Skip Bin Size, so Don't get Fooled

We have noticed a disturbing trend for consumers of bulk rubbish removal services (skip bin hire). We are seeing an increasing number of Skip Bin Hire companies describing their skip bin sizes in ways other than cubic metres (m³). The only proper way to compare skip bin sizes is using the volume of the bin as a cubic metre skip bin size. Any other measure or description is only an attempt to bamboozle you. (Meaning 1.  to deceive by trickery; impose upon.)

Basic Units of measure for skip bins

The cubic metre skip is the basic unit of measurement for skip bins as it is independent from waste type or any other factor that could very supplier to supplier (skip bin dimensions, heavy materials versus light or anything else you care to dream of).

A cubic metre is simply the volume of a container, like a box that is 1 metre by 1 metre by 1 metre. If your box were a different shape (or had different dimensions) it could still be the same volume. For example a boc that is 2m by 2m and is 0.250 m tall it would still be 1 cubic metre.

We all use measures of volume everyday so it is not a difficult concept to master. Common volumes in our every day lives include litres used for buying milk, petrol and water

Signs of Skip Bin trickery or deceipt

If someone wanted to sell you a Heineken or Pilsner of beer or wine you might be suspious of them because that is not normally how you order a beer. Here in Australia we usually buy beer using volumes like a schooner (425 ml), a pint (570 ml), a pony (140 ml) a pot (285 ml) or a middy (285 ml). If you drove past a garage advertising petrol for sale at 54 cents a tumbler you would be hard pressed to know if that was a good price or not and would most probably just drive on by. That is what we suggest you do if a business is trying to sell you a skip bin by a measure like a Marrell as it is not a recognised measure or volume. If the size of the skip bin is not define interms of cubic metres then be suspious and ask what the volume is in cubic meters. If you don't get a straight answer call another waste bin company who talk in cubic metres.

What dimensions are the standard skip bins?

There is NO such thing are a standard skip bin size. Skip bin sizes and shapes vary a lot. This is the reason that sometime when you are searching for a skip on our website there will be no dimensions (as they delivery depot has a range of sifferent bins that have the same volume but different dimensions). The reason for this is that there isn't a single design or manufacturer of every bin. There are lots and lots of manuacturers and they have many designers (including cutom designs that they will only manufacturer for a single bin company).

Some skip bin companies design and/or manufacture their own bins and they do this for a number of reasons. A few of the reasons we have come across include:

  1. So that skip bins of different sizes will stack inside each other. And so more of them can be delivered on a run
  2. So that more empty or full skip bins can be carried on the truck at the same time
  3. So the business are easier to fill because they are longer and lower
  4. So the bin can accommodate longer pieces of waste without the need to cut them up
  5. So the the bin can have a door in it and retain the best strength and durability.

Now while there are many differing size skip bins there are some dominant Australian skip bin manufacturers and they have standard size skip bins that they make for their skip bin hire customers. To the Left are front and side elevation diagrams of the skip bins that show the typical measurements of their skip bins. The measurements are external measurements i.e. measurements from the outside of the skip bins, not the inside. This means that if you have large items to go into you skip bin you should allow a few centimeters to be sure things will fit in.  
Typical mini-skip width dimensions

CapacityLength (L)Height (H)
2 m31.90.9
3 m32.50.9
4 m33.30.95
5 m33.41.3
6 m33.71.3
8 m33.71.65

Also please remember there are only one example of the dimensions of skip bins albeit that they are probably the major skip bin manufacturing company in Australia who supply a lot of the large skip bin companies and franchisees. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Skip Bin Sizes

What is the best skip bin size?

This is akin to asking what is the best size of trousers? And the answer is simple, just like trousers, a size that is going to fit or slightly larger. You definitely don't want something that is too small as it will put you in a world of pain. Reading one of our articles on choosing skip bin sizes based on waste type:

  • General Light Waste
  • General Heavy Waste
  • Concrete Skips for Recycling
  • Green waste skips for recycling

What size bin is needed for bathroom renovations?

The size of bin that will be needed for a bathroom renovation will depend on the size of bathroom and the quantity of work to be done. Most builders, tilers and plumbers hire a 3 cubic meter skip bin when they are carry out a small bathroom reno. Where it is a larger reno on larger bathrroms or multiple bathrooms and toilets then a larger bin will be more appropriate. Often people carrying out removations will also request a skip be with easy access like a drop down door or ramp.

What size bin is needed for a Kitchen renovations?

The amount of waste geerate from a kitchen reno can vary greatly depending on the size of the kitchen and what is being replaces. Typically, builders will hire a 4 cubic metres skip bin or 6 cubic metres skip bin out from our large range of skips. These bins can be used to dispose of kitchen cabinetry, tiles, bench tops, bricks, concrete and other materials.

What size bin is needed for a Moving House?

If you are moving house and need to dispose of furniture you may well need a larger skip bin (or hook lift bin).

What is the largest size skip bin sizes?

Bins come in a full range of sizes from mini skips (which are smaller skip bins) that could be 1.5 cubic metres to 2 Cubic metres (a smaller skip bin), up to large hook lift bins for commercial or industrial customers. Our huge range of skips not only includes Marrel skip sizes but also Hook lift bins with large rear doors for easy access and loading.

What the Hell are Marrells?

A Marrell is a style or type of lifting equipment used to load and unload metal bins on and off the back of a skip bin truck. A Marrell is not a unit of measure by any means and hence our view it is only used to bamboozle customers. And in our experience companies representing their bins as a 4 or 7 Marrel are attempting to mislead you into hiring a bin that is smaller than you think. Our experience is that a 4 Marrel oftens turns out to be a 3 cubic metre bin. Sydney's most prominent skip bin company offeres 4 Marrell bins that are actually only 3.3 cubic meters in size. Their 6 Marrel bin is only 5.3 cubic meters.

If you need further information give our friendly staff a call.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:18/04/2024