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Getting Skip Bins on Sunday Is Possible

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Very few skip bin companies take away bins on a Sunday because penalty rates are too high and most commercial tips are closed.Expectations have changed about Sunday being a day of rest, but the wider skip hire industry hasn't caught up with you yet!

Fast food has lead the way in Sunday trading which took off really quickly because who really wants be cooking on a Sunday, especially when out on a trip out or after a day at the beach.  There is lots to do, to be ready for Monday especially if you have children. So it is all to convenient to just miss the cooking and drop into your local takeaway outlet to make the day easier.  Staffing the restaurant for a Sunday (or Saturday) is easy as there are thousands of young people looking for a weekend jobs to earn some pocket money.

This trend translated across into the broader retail industry as again staffing isn't a problem and many busy people only get to shop at the weekend.  So come Saturday or Sunday the normally busy people go down to their local shopping centre to enjoy a little retail therapy.

But It Can't Wait Until Monday

Our attitudes about working at the weekend and our broader expectations about what services should be available.  The problem is that while some in the community now think that services should be available at the weekend the work practices of many traditional business has not changed in the same way.  The major national and international waste businesses rarely, if ever provide skip bins at the weekend.  Their larger customers accept this as they can manage without such service until the "working week" starts on Monday.

Delivery of weekend skip bin hire services is left to the small and medium sized businesses who can offer such services without getting tied up in labour knots. These skip bin companies who may offer weekend services are usually located in built up areas. They can usually make weekend deliveries in areas like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne where skip bin competition is high.

The major challenge of getting a skip bin delivered at the weekend is finding the skip bin companies who provide theses services. The first challenge is that many skip bin companies advertise that they work 7-days a week, but when you call their phone number after 12:00 on a Saturday there is no answer until Monday.  If you do get an answer then often they will be unable to provide the service to you because they are not in your area or they already have other commitments.

Our 5 Tips For Getting a Weekend Skip Hire

  1. Call As Early As Possible (Don't be Afraid of Calling at 7:30 AM)
  2. Call All the Numbers a Company Lists (Especially Mobiles)
  3. Small Companies are most likely to answer your call
  4. If you get someone on the phone on a Sunday and they can deliver for god sake don't try to get more quotes just lock it in Eddy!
  5. If they tell you that they aren't working and your desperate for a bin you might need to sweeten the pot (offer to pay extra), but don't get offended if they decline your offer.

Next time you should make it easy for yourself and have your skip booked in for delivery prior to the weekend so you can use it on Saturday or Sunday and leave it to be collected during the week. You can use our website to book and pay for your skip bins online and see when we can deliver your next skip bin.

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  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:01/02/2023