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Skip Bin Hire Tamworth available to deliver skip bins Hillvue, Calala & Oxley Vale

Skip Bin Hire Tamworth available to deliver skip bins Hillvue, Calala & Oxley Vale

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Skip Bin Hire in Tamworth fulfils an important role in the Tamworth regional area providing rubbish removal services for residents and businesses that need urgent waste disposal for bulky volumes of rubbish, waste and recycling. Tamworth Skip Bin Hire delivers and retreives skips bins across the region and beyond. Skip Hire Tamworth delivers bins areas as far as Barraba, Murririndi, Uralla, Nundle, Walcha, Gunnedah, Premer, and Quirindi.  Tamworth Skip Hire provides for the collection and waste disposal of a range of different waste types including dry household waste (unwanted clothes, soft furnishings, old toys, bicycles, furniture, e-waste etc), green or garden waste and renovation or building waste (heavy stuff included). Tamworth Skip Bins have a range of bins including 2m³, 2.5m³, 3m³, 4m³, 5m³, 6m³ and 8m³.

2.0m³ Skip Bin Tamworth3.0m³ Skip Bin in South Tamworth
6m³ Skip bins South TamworthSkip Hire Tamworth
4m³ Skip bins East Tamworth8m³ Skip Bins North Tamworth
Skip Bins Oxley ValeSkip Bins Calala


Tamworth Skip Bins are available in a broad range iof sizes in and around Tamworth from 2m³ to 30m³.  The smaller skip bins from 2m³ to 8m³ are delivered by Marrell Skip Bin Trucks.  These are the trucks that have a pair of arms at the back of the truck that lift the bins on and off the body of the truck using four chains, 2 on either side. Marrell skip bins are great for all types of jobs and all sorts of rubbish.  Skip bins are a great solution for rubbish removal needs for large scale clean ups of houses and building sites, deceased estates gardens and renovation projects. Tamowrth skip bins can be used for

  1. Fridges, freezers, air conditioners ("gassed" electrical goods")
  2. Demolition materials (like asbestos, concrete and bricks)
  3. Rocks and soil
  4. Motor vehical parts
  5. Commercial waste

Skip Hire alternatives in Tamworth

For building and renovation waste there aren't really any alternatives to skip bin hire in the Tamworth area. For household waste there is the biannual bulky household waste collection services (if they match with your timescales). The other limitation is that the bulk collection service is only provided in built areas like: South Tamworth, Hillvue, East Tamworth, Westdale, West Tamworth, Calala, North Tamworth  and Oxley Vale. 

The sort of items that can be put out for collection can include:

  • Small branches up to 2m long
  • E-waste like Televisions, computers, monitors, computer printers and sound systems
  • Small electrical appliances and whiite goods
  • Broken furnitureand bedding
  • Small household items (nothing heavier than 30 Kg or longer than 2M)


Skip Bin Hire Tamworth available to deliver skip bins Hillvue, Calala & Oxley Vale

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