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No Hungry Boards in Skip Bins in Sydney ever

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Sydney Skip Bin with Hungry Boards
An open and shut case of an overloaded skip bin

The straight answer is NO. You should not put hungry boards in a skip bin that you have hired in Sydney.  I have yet to talk to any of Sydney's skip bin business owners and find anyone who says it is OK in over five years.

First and foremost using hungry Boards in skip bins is a health and safety risk. Just ask yourself, "Would you be happy to drive behind a truck that had an unsafe load that could fall on you or your family in your car?" No, I didn't think so. 

Oh, sorry did I miss a couple of dissenters hiding down the back there. Yes I have heard that story about a friend of a friend that does it and nobody complains, or maybe you read it on a blog or some other "reliable" internet source.

Well 20-years ago you might have gotten away with over-loading a skip bin and using hungry boards, but today you don't even want to think about it. And you don't even want to think about complaining about it to the skip bin truck driver as you could find yourself in far more trouble than you expected.

In New South Wales the Roads and Maritime have Safety and Compliance laws that require truck drivers to only travel with safe and secure loads and there are Chain of Responsibility legislation that mean the Loader of the vehicle and the consignor have responsibilities too.

Don't use hungry boards in your Sydney Skip Bins
Hungry Board create an illage danger overloaded skip bins

In addition to the Health and Safety risk there is also the commercial and financial aspects of over-loading your skip and the potential liabilities you leave your self open to.  Using hungry boards may allow you to get more in but if you were to take the time to read about the service you are paying for you will realise that you are limited to only loading it to the rim.  Yes safety is a primary concern but there are financial and commercial ramifications you be responsible for. 

When skip bins arrive at disposal sites in Sydney the weighbridge operators or gate person will either weigh your waste or confirm the volume.  If it were to have to be overloaded then there would be additional charges levied by the operator of the disposal facility.

If your Sydney Skip Bin is over loaded (hungry boards or not) you are likely to incur one of more of the following charges:

  1. Futile journey charge - for the wasted journey to pick your bin up when they couldn't
  2. Reloading charge for the time it took the driver to reload the bin to make it safe
  3. Excess waste charges for the waste that was loaded into the bin over and above the bin of if it weighed any more than a specified allowance
  4. Demurrage charge for the time the truck had to wait if you opt to reload the bin.

Our best advice regarding hungry boards. Please don't use them and get a larger skip as all concerned will be happier.




  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:17/07/2015