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Skip Bin Prices drop despite the Carbon Tax

News > Skip Bin Prices drop despite the Carbon Tax

Skip bin prices for Queenslanders have dropped even though the federal government introduced the Carbon Tax on the 1st of July 2012. Everywhere else in the country, skip bin prices have risen, mostly as a result of the state government's waste levies which are usually increased every year on the 1st of July.
The reason behind the drop in skip bin prices in Queensland is the reduction in the Queensland waste levy. Yes note the levy has not been removed it has only been reduced to zero and the legislation that put it in place still remains. Many cynical spectators will watch with interest to see if the Queensland state government moves to increase the levies again in the future, and then what impact it will have on the price of skip bins and other waste based products and services in the state.

The New South Wales waste levy by comparison has increased by $13 from $83 a tonne to $96 a tonne which has impacted Sydney skip bin hire prices significantly.  Many in the industry believe that this will lead to a convoy of waste trucks and skip bins heading across the border, northwards to dispose of New South Wales rubbish in Queensland.

Many local Brisbane skip bin operators are over the moon about the reduction in the price of waste disposal and believe that the reduction when passed on to their skip bin customers will help to fire up the local economy again.  The unusually wet summer and autumn has seen many projects put on hold or postponed.  This and the lower than usual consumer confidence levels have seen the skip bin and waste industries slow down significantly, little more than a walking pace.

So if you are considering a spring clean, or clearing out the garage now is the time to do it for Queenslanders, especially those living in Brisbane where there is significant competition for the currently available skip bin jobs.  So don't miss out order your skip bin as soon as possible on the Bins Skips Waste and Recycling website.

  • Authored By:Stephen Shergold
  • Updated:20/07/2012