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Save up to $100 on Skip Hire in Sydney this month

News > Save up to $100 on Skip Hire in Sydney this month

 At the beginning of  July each year we see the cost of waste disposal increase significantly. The prime reason for the increase is the state governments who increase their taxes on waste disposal, year-on-year in 5 out of the 8 states and territories.  The landfill operators also adjust their gate rates (the cost of disposal per tonne at the landfill gate) to cover the increased taxes, operational costs for fuel and wages etc. To avoid this price increases book you skip bin now and save in the region of $25 to $75 by having the bin picked up before the 30th of June 2016.

These changes always happen with little or no notice even though the state governments have schedule the increases. It is just that the actual changes are not usually publish until the last minute.  Here is an up date on what we know so far and what you should expect.

In NSW, the State Government has legislation that created the annual price increase for Rubbish Removal and skip bins.  The State Government is being coy about the increase will be this year.  The EPA has only indicated that "In line with the Waste Regulation, the 2016-17 levy rates will increase by Consumer Price Index (CPI) only".  The 2015/16 Waste levy are as follows:

  • Metropolitan Levy Area: $133.10 per tonne
  • Regional Levy Area: $76.70 per tonne

The CPI overall to the year ending March 2016 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics is 1.3% but an increase of that level would be unheard of as it has increased by 10% per year for the last 4 or 5 years. Many are wondering if this position from the government is being adopted because of the forthcoming Federal election on July the 2nd.
The NSW industry is expecting that the Waste Levy increase are more likely to be $12 to $14 per tonne making the Metropolitan Levy Area nearly $150 per tonne.  In the past this level of increase has translated into a$10 per cubic meter price increase. The means the the Price of a 2m skip bin for General Light would increase by about $20. Likewise a 5m bin would increase by $50.

In Victoria, the Levies are called Landfill Levies and they are currently lower than those in NSW. The Victorian Landfill Levy is currently $58.50 per tonne in the Metropolitan and provincial areas.  In the last 4-years the State Government  in Victoria have increase the levies by about 10% per year. For example, last years increase was from $53.20 to $58.50.

We are expecting that the Victorian State Government will follow previous years precedent and increase the Landfill Levy by 10% which would make it about $64 a tonne. For General Light waste bins you should expect them to increase in price by about $6 or $7 per cubic meter.

For all of you reading this in Queensland the good news is that while you do have State Government Legislation for a Waste Levy it is currently set at $0 and there is no mention of that change currently.

In Western Australia, the State Government published the schedule increases for  in 2014 for the following 5-year until 2019. The increase in the Landfill Levy in WA will be on the 1st of July 2016 when they increase by 25% from $40 per tonne to $50 or at Landfills without weighbridges the increase will again be 25% from $60 per cubic meter to $75 (so you would want to make sure your waste is going to a landfill site with a weighbridge. 

The effect of the WA Landfill Levy increase on skip bins is likely to see the price of them go up by $15 to $30 a cubic meter. So that would be an extra $30 to $60 on the price of a 2 cubic meter bin.

In South Australia, in Metropolitan areas the Waste Levy is due to increase from $57 per tonne to $62 and increase of about 8%. Outside the metropolitan areas the increase is less being an increase from $28.50 per tonne to $31.  We expect the increase in the price of skip bins in South Australia will be moderate and somewhere in the region of $10 a cubic meter.


  • Authored By:Steve Shergold
  • Updated:02/06/2016